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Asking for help!


Sometimes it can be difficult for us to ask someone for help! We may feel embarrassed and feel that we should be able to handle ourselves, or we feel that maybe our problem isn't big enough and important enough to involve someone else in it.

The thing is, that we all, from time to time, need help from each other! We are here together, we are here to help each other in whichever way our skills and talents allow us.  We are equally the teacher and the student.

We take turns in helping each other.

Sometimes, we may not have an 'official title' on us- a specific 'badge' to identify what KIND of teacher we may be, what kind of help we can provide;  in turn there may not be an official name to what KIND of help somebody, or we, need.  But that is okay. We all have the badge of 'human soulful being' on us - and we all have something to offer others. We all also need help from others as well.

If someone has a challenge, and someone else knows how to help - boom! - there is your teacher and there is your student. Regardless of whatever 'title' you may want to put on it. And one day, it may very well be the other way around. And now the student becomes the teacher - the student has a set of skills that is needed by someone - perhaps their 'teacher', perhaps someone new.

Do you see how we all can help each other? And how we all have something to offer others?

We do need each other. And we can help each other. So let us not be embarrassed, ashamed, or scared to ASK FOR HELP. It is okay to need help. 


Marianne Johansen, Oct 2018

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photo credit: Roman Kraft, Unsplash.com


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