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Crystal Healing

Crystals – Clear Quartz

Crystals are perhaps my favorite tool for energy clearing and energy enhancing!

Working with crystals is highly intuitive!

Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years for various purposes ranging from protection, to divination and energy healing, as decoration, and for harnessing their qualities as generators and enhancers.

Crystals are vibrating, pulsating, manifested energy forms, and they work on our subtle energy systems as well as the physical energy systems of our body. They work with our cells, as they recalibrate, they work with our emotions which are also ‘fluid’ in nature, they work with all our organs and with our chakras. They can be used to ‘pull out’ energy blockages- and they can be used to infuse our body, cells, chakras, emotions with pure energies reflective of the qualities they represent.


Just by holding a crystal you can benefit from its particular qualities. Many people, including myself, carry one or more crystals in their pocket on a daily basis, in their handbag or place one in the car or under their pillow when sleeping. I have crystals on my work desk and change them depending on my intuitive guidance.

When choosing crystals use only your intuition. Go with what you feel drawn to. You will feel guided to which one(s) to wear each day, and you will maybe sometimes feel guided to wear one for an extended period of time.

Crystals, when used during healing sessions, are placed using your intuition/third eye vision/inner knowing. There are many wonderful books on crystals and their properties/qualities. It is well worth the study to learn more about them, along with using your intuitive gift when working with them or using them in your daily life.

(Clear quartz cluster, geode and terminated single)

Clear quartz is considered a ‘master healer’-stone. You can program it to whatever higher purpose you would like it to help you with (always choose for the highest good of all!). Clear quartz is a very ‘concise’ energy. It is sharp, focused and can cut through even thick layers of blocked energy. This is why clear quartz often is used for healing wands. It is also a very gentle powerful stone, however, and gives you great clarity and can purify your thoughts as well as your aura. A clear quartz wand can be used to get to the bottom of blocked energies and can ‘scatter’ the build-up as you work with it in energy healing. It is important to know how to transmute or ‘dispose of’ the blocked or ‘tainted’ energy when working with crystals as a therapy form.

I will not get into all details of all the crystals or how to use them, as there are already many wonderful books written on the healing properties and origins and so on, but I will occasionally share my tips and insights on crystals as they are such an important part of the whole field of energy therapy! They are energy in living, vibrating form, and they emit their vibration freely and for the highest good, when handled, cleansed and dedicated with loving intentions.

For those interested in the science of crystals, particularly quartz, I found this page which is dedicated entirely to the scientific study of the crystals. Otherwise there are many websites that offer insight into the healing properties of crystals. A few are linked here:

http://www.quartzpage.de/gen_phys.html (scientific)

https://www.healingcrystals.com/ (crystal healing therapy properties)

https://www.healingwithcrystals.net.au/ (crystal healing therapy properties)


Marianne Johansen, Nov 2018

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photo credit: Marianne Johansen


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