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Shedding the old – collectively and individually

This part of my blog features my Global Intuitive insights, Visions, and Energy trends, that I pick up during my daily meditations.

Feel free to use these for your own meditations or self-development, or as inspiration for Earth Healing and Upgrading work.


April 2019

VISUALISATION/HEALING MANIFESTATION:  SHEDDING THE OLD – as a collective and as an individual!

The time is now ripe for shedding the old, releasing the past, and moving on from what just  doesn’t work for us anymore in the long run. If it is not healthy, sustainable or helps us flourish as positive light beings, then it is time to let it go.

The darkness, the bitterness, the revenge and jealousy, hatred and anger of what has already been experienced by yourself and by others as a collective, in this current reality and by our ancestors in lifetimes before this, is up for release! Now is a good time to allow that release to take place. Go with it.

Lighten yourself from all those old heavy feelings that do not serve a higher, positive purpose. As you allow yourself to be ligthened, you also allow the collective to be lightened.

IMAGINE little particles of negative and low-vibe feelings and beliefs releasing from the bigger ‘mass’ of experiences and feelings and traumas – from Earth and from all beings on it including yourself – and as these individual particles float upwards they are met by a shining light. The dark ones get absorbed and dissolved into that light – darkness is transmuted as it just floats into that light. The treasures from those experiences and feelings from various lifetimes blink and sparkle in the light – these treasure are the gifts and lessons from the experiences – they are shimmering and shining, inviting you to take hold of them and honor them – incorporate them into your own life experience. You are free to take them in and hold on to them – and feel the precious value and light of them. Bathe in the energy of their preciousness. The lessons and gifts from your own struggles and from the struggles of those before you.

Thank the ancestors. Acknowledge their hardship. Acknowledge your own struggles. And honor them. Let the struggles and associated feelings be released from Earth, from yourself, and from us all, so we can unshackle from the past.

Keep those gifts and those lessons – these shimmering treasures – and use them to expand us all and everything with only ‘the good stuff’. See the light as a whole expand as the shimmering particles are added – and valued – by you.


Marianne Johansen, April 2019

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