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DIVINE STREAMING: Your effect on the collective consciousness

DIVINE STREAMING brings you Global Intuitive insights, Visions, and Energy trends from my daily meditations.

Feel free to use these for your own meditations or self-development, or as inspiration for Earth Healing and Upgrading work.


April 2019


The current focus seems to be on the collective, its ‘well-being’ and our ‘role’ in it.

“You are the whole, and you are the drop”.

Your consciousness is here in physical form on this earth now and you are here to clear things and to experience things as well, but mostly to learn, to clear and to grow away from old beliefs and destructive patterns. You are forever climbing up that ladder towards a brighter state and you are here to do that as part of the whole of consciousness.

When you do self-development work and you clear old beliefs, outworn behaviour patterns, low-vibrational thoughts- you don’t just clear it for you, you clear it for the whole. Whatever you do, you do it for the whole as a mass, as a ‘consciousness mass’ of which you are a part. Whatever you do, it has an affect on the whole, because you are part of the whole.

IMAGINE a big mass of something, and this something is consciousness and you are a drop or a pearl or a little ball of this ‘mass’ and you are here as that drop to find out that you are a drop of the whole – you are still the whole and you are still the drop. You may know the powerful and insightful proverb by RUMI: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop”.  Today, during my meditation I realised this. I could see it and feel it. And I suddenly remembered this proverb and understood how that would have come into his conscious mind.


Consciousness and ‘death’ transition

When you die, your consciousness shifts in an instant and it goes either back into the ‘ocean’, or the ‘mass of consciousness’ as I like to call it because I figuratively see it as a throbbing, live, mass of light and life and possibilities and we are in it with our consciousness and at the physical level… so at ‘death’ your consciousness either goes back into the ‘mass’ where it is now a consciousness ‘drop’ without a physical form- or it goes somewhere else maybe into another incarnation or to somewhere else in this ‘place’ we call universe. We know things about the universe through our psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant visions and insights.

I have gone through some past life regressions and have experienced ‘death’ as an almost instant transition into some light, where I was welcomed by one being- and I was lifted up from the event that had just killed my physical body. My consciousness went from feeling fear (from seeing a horde of angry village men that were coming to kill me) to being in that light, in an instant. It even seemed that my consciousness, or soul, left the body even before the body had died. I assume (!) this could be because it was my time to go, and my soul knew this and departed the physical experience. In that way it felt like our experience here is ‘orchestrated’ in the sense that we do not feel the physical pain when it is our time to go.

We are on an assignment and when it is our time to go we are lifted out, we ascend out of the body we have inhabited.

On this assignment we have one or more tasks to do, and one of them is to find out what we are. And when we find out, we can see it, and we can try and describe it, yet we may still only know a portion of what this all is and what we are. But as we rise, and develop and grow in consciousness and in soul wisdom and awareness, we know more and more and we see more and more …


Raising the vibration for you and for all

So we are here to release and raise… Not to be subjected to fear mongering. It is okay to come out and shine your light and add your lightness to the world! We are here to help raise the vibration of the consciousness mass. And you are also a bright, vibrating part of it. By raising your own vibration, you help raise the collective.

A raised vibration is one of joy, of sustainable life, of positive interaction, of growth, of light and expansion of possibilities and opportunities.

When you take care of your body, you help raise the vibration of the mass. When you recognise and release your fears of past lives and this life, you release fears for the whole. Everything you do to clear your old ways and beliefs that do not harmonise with the ways of the raised mass consciousness anymore, helps to raise not only your vibration but the vibration of the whole in turn. The knowledge, the insight and the beneficial, sustainable ‘light state’ of the consciousness mass increases with every little thing you do, that raises your own vibration.

By remembering that everyone is divine, and is connected to the same consciousness mass, we allow the divine to flow to and from each other, which in turn also raises the vibration of the mass of consciousness to higher levels. More become aware, more become in tune with the positive and sustainable and opportunity-filled ways, that benefit one and all.


You are important

Acknowledge your own importance and role in helping to lift the experience for not only yourself, but for all of us, the consciousness mass that we all make up and all are a part of. See yourself as a particle of light that helps light up the whole. You are divine, and you are more important, powerful and capable than you may even dare to believe. But, believe that you are.


Marianne Johansen, April 2019

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