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How Synchronicities work


Getting directions and guidance from soul

Synchronicities are fun! I love it when synchronicities happen in my life! They give me direct signs that I am on the right path.  It is as if the Universe is telling me ‘yes, yes, you are going in the right direction’ and ‘yes, you are really on to something that is aligned with your soul’.

Synchronicities come in the form of a tarot card, a song that comes on as you turn on the radio, someone who you just thought of calls you, sudden chills/goosebumps, your ability to suddenly formulate something complex very eloquently and easy to grasp, a detour that turns out to take you just where you needed to be etc. etc.


So how does it work?

Intuition! You pulled that tarot card because you followed your intuition to do so. You turned on the radio at that exact second, because you intuited to do so. You got those fun chills because you were making a connection to your soul/intuition.  You took that detour, because you heard a gentle voice inside telling you to turn right at the end of the road instead of left.

Soul/intuition speaks in that gentle voice. It doesn’t shout or repeat. It glides in, speaks in a gentle voice, and glides out again.

You can train yourself to notice when your intuition/soul is guiding you. Become aware of listening carefully, the next time you get a ‘hunch’ to do something. The more you notice how it works, the easier it becomes for you to recognise that gentle voice. And notice the positive outcomes – soul/intuition always guide you in a positive direction – it helps you by ‘teaching you via experience’ that it always works for your benefit and for the benefit of others around you.


Roll with it

You can never predict what kind of synchronicities will appear in your life. It can sometimes be so ‘out-of-this-world’-coincidental or seem so ‘accidental’ that you really start to wonder if there is something going on ‘behind-the-scenes’.  And there is! It is your soul, your guides and the universe at work, collaborating on helping you do what your soul is all about, despite all the mind distractions of this world.

Soul and the universe are letting you know that you are in tune, by giving you these synchronicity sign posts. They are your gps, and it is always turned on, waiting to gently guide you – you just have to be ready and listen for it.


Marianne Johansen, April 2019

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photo credit: Yeshi Kangrang – Unsplash.com


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