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Akashic Records,  Self-development

Going into the metaphorical map of your life experience


Your life map and the Akashic Records

Being a psychic and clairvoyant and working with clients and my own personal development, I am used to accessing what is commonly known as the ‘Akashic Records’. The Akashic Records is a metaphorical, non-physical ‘library’ of all ‘life maps’ and experiences that have ever been in existence, and it is one of the ‘places’ where psychics and clairvoyants ‘go’, to retrieve information.

I made the connection of a ‘life map’ one day, via an image I saw of a man holding a paper map and a compass – and I thought about how we all are creating, and leaving behind, a metaphorical ‘map’ of our life here. An imprint of our whole existence- a map that contains all of our experiences, our thoughts, our intentions and our emotions. And this is exactly what we can access in the Akashic Records. It cannot be made up, as the information will resonate and ring bells with each of us in individual and personal ways.

Every thing that impacts our own life and everything and everybody around us, shows up on our own particular ‘life map’, and it all goes into the ‘Akashic Records’, together with the life maps of everybody else. It is a big library we can learn from-  we can learn from our own experiences, but we can certainly also learn from the experiences of other people before us. Why repeat the same mistakes of our ancestors and our previous versions of ourselves, when we have the chance to see what they were and how they maybe still fit into our life in the form of unresolved karma, right? That would save us a lot of trials and errors in this particular life experience- and give us a much better and faster understanding of ourselves.


What is on your map?

So, as you are creating this ‘map’ of yours as you are living your life, you can go ahead and imagine a paper map, that were to illustrate your life!  What would yours look like?  What would be in it? Buildings? Trees? Parks? Boats? Mountains? Who would be in it? What ‘tools’ would be in it-  that illustrate what you actually DO every day?  How big an area would your map cover? Just your local roads and surrounding landscapes, or would it stretch through to other countries or continents? What are your tasks in all these places? Just take a minute and imagine what your map would look like.

If you like the idea of zooming in on your own life map and the players in it, you can maybe imagine this paper map, or imagine Google Earth and zoom in, and go exploring. Ask yourself the above questions and contemplate the answers. Is there maybe something you keep doing that keeps you going in circles? Is there something blocking your progress? Where would you like to expand your map into? Which physical areas, and which activities?


Inner world reflects outer experience

See, your life map, shows you all about your inner world, as well as your outer experiences. Whatever is going on inside you, is something you will experience in your outer physical world in the form of the place you live, the people in your life, the events that take place, the activities you do etc.

You can explore your inner world by:

  • noticing what you actually do
  • noticing how you respond to situations

And you can explore your outer experiences by:

  • noticing who and what is around you
  • noticing where you put your focus and actions on a daily basis
  • noticing the impact you have on yourself and your surroundings


Change your reality

If it is difficult for you at first to see the correlation between your inner world and your outer experience, you can always ask a psychic or clairvoyant to access the Akashic Records for you, until you begin to see the correlations, the ‘map,  yourself.

No matter what is going on in your outer physical world, it is important not to beat yourself up about any negative outputs. Be compassionate with yourself. On the one hand, you are the one who is responsible for your experiences here- on the other hand if you are unhappy about some of the experiences, you are in control of changing them. It all starts with a change within- and by starting to forgive yourself and the players in your life experience, you have already come a long way. Sometimes we just need a little help to see further within.


My passion – your opportunity

My passion in life is all about helping others see within themselves and connect the dots to their outer experiences, and all that that entails. I love helping others discover their own ‘life map’ and helping them see the connections. I am also on a ‘quest’ to help normalise the psychic and clairvoyant work that so many of us do. It is such a normal and natural part of our human experience.


Quicken your self-development

The existing schisms regarding soul work, psychic work, clairvoyancy, paganism etc. only do one thing and that is stall our self-development.  If we were all to use those senses in our daily life or get help to access our own higher version (higher self) for insight, we could make progress in so many more blissful and quicker ways, I am sure of it.


Much love,

Marianne Johansen, 9 April 2019

(c) All rights reserved. Feel free to share or quote, but pls. link back to source. Thank you.


photo credit: Oxana V. – Unsplash


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