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DIVINE STREAMING: Why self-healing is important!



Our connection with Mother Earth is important, why? And our relationship with our own body is important, why? And how are the well-being of our body and Mother Earth even related?

Besides the obvious answers to some of these questions, I was trying to go deeper than that in my meditation- to REALLY get it, and to clear myself from all self-destructive behaviour and thoughts with regard to taking care of ‘me’. I have lately become much more aware of what I actually put into my body in terms of foods and liquids.  Going ‘back to the basics and natural foods only’ seems to finally ring a big, giant bell with me! Something in me is shifting.

And it’s not that I didn’t know this already: eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, eat 5 veggies a day etc. etc.  See, but all these ‘tips’ and regurgitated health-proverbs didn’t really work for me one hundred percent, because I didn’t FEEL them!  I didn’t SEE the actual connection with my whole being. Until today! I have finally reached that ‘point on my journey’, where this has become clear to me and is pushing me towards change. I will attempt to convey my ‘epiphany’ here in a clear way.

So, this is what I saw:

In my meditation today, I saw the relationship between us humans, and Mother Earth. I understood fully, that what I do for my body and for myself, I also do it for Mother Earth- and that is how connected we are. Self-healing permeates into mother earth and heals her too, because our actions become more health and holistically oriented, which in turn again activates her help for us through a sustainable, healthy environment and generous food generation.

So, the understanding sank into me in the form of images and metaphors:

  • I saw my third eye looking like the Earth from space. My tears were symbolising water on earth.
  • The trees are the life givers on earth. They give shade, food, shelter, safety.
  • The ponds and streams keep our body healthy. They quench our thirst, feed our body, keep us clean.
  • The fire keeps our body comfortable. It warms us, keeps us safe, cleans the air, provides light in the night.
  • The smoke from smudging clears the spirit world, it helps us communicate with the spirits, they are around us, they chant to us with advice.
  • The moon guides us to go within. It guides us at night, it helps our emotions and passions to come forward, and invites out our shadow sides so we can work on them.
  • Thistles and other thorny plants help keep away certain animals. Wolves for example, don’t like thistles, they don’t want to step in them, so in our circle we are protected like that.


The potential of Earth

We are capable of maintaining harmony and sustainable living conditions on Earth. Our stewardship of mother Earth works like this: If we help to keep the natural harmony and flow without interfering, we have everything in the natural world to give us a healthy sustainable life!

The more we eat sustainably and naturally and live in peace with earth, the better lives we can have. We do not need to struggle just to survive. There could be harmony on the survival front. We could also still experience fulfillment and grow mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. This is the potential of this Earth.


It’s all about a wise BALANCE

Right now, Earth is trying to rid herself of all that is artificial and not in harmony with the natural flow. She will create the balance if we don’t!

She can break down and destroy everything with fire, with lava, mudslides, wind or water. She can melt everything back to natural forms. The smoke will rise as the toxins release. It will go into the upper layers and evaporate eventually.  She has her own clearing system. Earth has her own furnace. Fire/lava will clean and transmute everything.

Just like earth, we too have our  own internal clarification ‘system’. Our body wants to rid itself of toxins like artificial food products and medicine for example. A fever in your body ‘incinerates’ the bacteria, it incinerates the entities that are causing the disruption to the harmony.


Transmuting the disruptors of harmony

When left to its own devices, nature and mother Earth are all about keeping the equilibrium, the balance. And anything that disrupts that harmony and flow will be elminated by nature itself, so that equilibrium is re-established and maintained. The same happens in our body. We flush our system with our urination, sweating and elimination – we get rid of the things that are no longer needed, they are transmuted into a different form and different energy. Nothing is wasted, it is reused in a different form. Our body takes the building blocks it needs for our system inside, from the food and drinks we put into our body. The rest gets eliminated, neutralised, transmuted, flushed out. Earth does the same. It breaks down, transforms, melts, covers whatever has served its purpose for sustainable growth already, and removes elements that are harmful to the balance, the equilibrium.


Eco systems and biology

Through all these images I was beginning to see how we are connected and how our choice of nurturing our bodies are connected to the health of earth.

The natural foods in their natural form, are the most healthy for us. Because they are coming from nature, from biology! We are biology! Nature is natural- not artificial.

When we only eat what she can provide, without our interference in the eco systems, the sun, the rain, the snow, the seasons, the soil etc. – there is enough! When we disrupt the balance, we create problems for ourselves – and for Earth!


A naive – and uncomplicated – view of resources

Seeing things in this ‘naive’ and basic way helped me to really FEEL the connection and the relation! And it made me SEE how I am doing something good for me and for mother Earth, by healing myself, by being mindful of eating natural foods and drinking natural liquids, directly from nature’s resources!

Things are not that complicated. We need to go back to basics, and back to understanding the basics of life, and of nature. We can do that by going within, and ‘seeing’ things for ourselves. Then it makes perfect sense- in a simple way.



Marianne Johansen, April 2019

(c) All rights reserved. Feel free to share or quote, but pls. link back to source!


photo credit: Yoann Boyer – Unsplash



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