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Oracle CLOUD formations!


ORACLE MESSAGES? SIGNS FROM HEAVEN, ANGELS OR LOVED ONES? OR SIMPLY CASES OF PAREIDOLIA (the tendency to interpret a symbol as something known to the observer, as a meaningful sign)?

No matter how one may interpret them, cloud formations always seem to come as a comfort, guidance or confirmation.

I have always noticed clouds, but especially for the past 10+ years. Here is a compilation of some of the CLOUD FORMATIONS I have been lucky enough to capture with my mobile phone camera over the past few years. Be your own judge of whether you believe in signs like this as part of your spiritual journey:


This one was taken in December of 2014, as we were leaving our ‘second native country’ in the Middle East. As we were leaving the school my boys went to, one cloud turned into a camel, very Middle Eastern, as if the heavens wanted to signify a ‘farewell’ and ‘good luck’ by showing us it walking.

Before I could get out my phone to take the photo, the cloud had already started to morph back into a ‘normal’ cloud, but we all noticed it and were amazed at the very clear image in the sky at the time we saw it!

This next image, I see a horse’s head, the ears, his eye, and the mouth is slightly opened. I was lying on the grass in a park, June 2015, feeling a bit ‘blue’, depressed, overwhelmed by the move back to my native country of Denmark, and suddenly saw this horse’s head. I felt comforted by it, and felt that I was in the right place, it was the right move to do – as horse is my Chinese horoscope animal, and I felt it signifying that it was showing up on the sky above me, as a sign that ‘I’ / ‘it’ belonged here. ‘I’ was mirrored onto the sky above me. It had moved with me here.

This image is from July 2016. My son and I were walking near our home, and we both like to look at the sky and the clouds, and both saw this ‘dragon’ at exactly the same time! It’s facing to the left, got its legs bent towards the left as well, and its wings up. Like it is in ‘landing position’ Do you see it??

A helping hand! Showing me the light. Ask and you shall receive! You are blessed. Probably one of the clearest cloud signs I have seen. These are the thoughts and feelings I got on one of the last days of December in 2016, standing on the beach, praying and meditating, having a ‘blue moment’ . Suddenly, this outstretched hand below a face with an open mouth appeared, right there in the Sun, as if to tell me ‘here you go, help is always here’. I felt instantly relieved, as I saw the hand it appearing, before it disappeared and morphed into regular clouds again. My late husband was the first one to come to my mind when I saw the outstretched hand and the smiling face. When I saw the photo when I came home, I was amazed at the clarity of this sign.

Now this one was probably the most elaborate, significant cloud formation of them all! (August 11, 2018, time 14:41:55!) As always, I hear my intuition/get a hunch to take a photo! I have a few photos leading up to this one, as the clouds were forming into this most elaborate and clear formation!  I was absolutely amazed when I came home and saw the representation here! Do you see it?  It stayed for many seconds like this, until it slowly starting to ‘melt’ away, and turn into regular clouds again.

Do you see the gate? And the lion or bear/polar bear leaning over /above the gate. And all the animals (dogs mostly, cats, lion, others?) sitting to the left and the right of the gate, as if looking up at the bear/polar bear/lion, as if he is directing them or guiding them as they are sitting in front of this gate?

My intuitive insight into this cloud was rather disturbing, as at that time last year, there was a lot of talk about animals becoming extinct at an even more alarming rate than previously assumed, and also talk about the Lion’s gate (8 August 2018), a particular potent energy portal, and many souls leaving at that particular time as well. So putting all that together, I got a very strong intuitive message: Animals are leaving, the natural balance has been disturbed (by people), and it is absolutely crucial that we start taking this very seriously. The balance needs to be re-established, Earth and nature needs to be respected and revered if we want this place, this home of ours, to have any chance of making it- us included.


Racoon? Fox? Again, I got this hunch to take a picture of this cloud (30 March, 2019 = 333) and didn’t see the full extent of the image until looking at the photo later! How amazing that the sun was placed as the ‘eye’ – and that the photo was taken at that exact moment!!?? You simply cannot make this stuff up! I am amazed every time! I looked up the symbolism of these two animals, and one of them made complete sense in terms of what I was working on at that time.



Have you also taken pictures of any meaningful cloud formations ??? You are welcome to share them to this page! I think these signs are absolutely breath-taking, and awesome! :-)



Marianne Johansen, April 2019

(c) All rights reserved. All photos belong to author.



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