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TRANSFORMATION: the act or process of transforming



Transformation happens gradually, and all the time – but we just don’t always notice it. Sometimes we may only notice change, when we actually stop to become aware of our current situation and purposely think about what has changed over the past week, month, year, or ten years.

When an accident happens, or we lose a loved one or we run into someone who turns out to be a soulmate – then we notice the change due to the deep emotional impact it has on us.

Transformation also sometimes comes in the form of e.g. a piece of music, or a visual image, a place, or a movie. We feel an impact inside, we feel a corner has been turned and we feel ‘something’ within. A little voice, excitement, a little nudge, maybe inspiration.

With transformation, we may become aware of a change in the way we see things or do things, and we may suddenly observe people around us in a different way.

Life suddenly seems different to us, sometimes even surreal in its expansion.

Transformation is in full swing.

We are in the moment. And life expands.



With transformation often comes increased awareness. Awareness of yourself and your life here on Earth. You can become certain of e.g. “who/what you are”, you can feel certain about your core values, the meaning of your relationships, what your innate skills are and what your contribution to the planet is, at this time.

In other words, with your increased awareness, you may become very aware of your own soul, your very essence – the eternal part of you.

When you allow room for soul, your ‘authentic self’, to be expressed via your physical being, you experience a balance and harmony in life and in what you do. You flow with the Universe and not against the stream where only your ego sets the direction. You discover an extra set of guidance tools you may not have known you had – and you suddenly know how to handle situations and further transformation, from a different, and higher, perspective.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether you are hearing your Soul (intuition/heart) or your Ego (mind/personality). In order to hear Soul, we often have to slow down, or quiten our mind, and listen within, until we hear that gentle, loving voice inside.

That voice that always leads us to the highest good – for ourselves and for everything and everybody around us.

That voice, is soul speaking to you.

Calmly, yet powerfully.

No sense of urgency or stress. Just confidently and lovingly, and imbuing you with a knowing when something is right.

We are in a constant state of transformation. We can make the now more meaningful and our actions more powerful, when we are tuned in to our soul – and when we stop to notice changes in the energy within us, or around us.


“Those pains you feel, are messengers. Listen to them.” – Rumi


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”. – Rumi



Marianne Johansen, June 2019

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photo credit: Hunter Bryant – Unsplash


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