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Energy Healing,  Self-development

STAYING BALANCED – grounding, centering, and connecting to the infinite



– being conscious of your roots, and your higher self, while staying in your center.


WELL-BEING, and living a joyful, healthy life in this world, is all about keeping the balance.

We are living in a whirlpool of energies. Polarities attract and bounce off eachother in constant movement. Our bodies are made up of energies that have manifested in a certain way. Our minds are filled with input and energies at all times. Our emotions are triggered and our spiritual connection is tested.

Staying balanced is key:

  • It is up to us to keep our body balanced. In order to keep the balance biologically we should beware of what energies we put into our body in the form of foods and drinks. We should not take in too much of ‘this’, or too little of ‘that’. It is up to us to listen to our body, and to stay informed. On the more etheric level, energetically speaking, we must also remember to keep our connection with the ground, with nature, to keep a healthy balance.
  • It is up to us to keep our mind balanced. In order to keep the balance mentally we must learn to sift our thoughts, to let some pass and let some stay, and choose what we want to focus on in each moment, each day.
  • It is up to us to keep our emotions balanced. In order to keep balanced emotionally we must learn to not get too attached to the experiences we have, neither positive nor negative. We may need help in identifying our emotions and work through those that have stuck, so we again move with the constant flow of life.
  • It is up to us to keep our spiritual contact balanced and active. In order to do that, we must (re-)learn that we each have our own direct path to the infinite, to our soul – and that path is within us. It is in the stillness of the mind and the body. It is also called our intuition. It is always at work. We can connect whenever we so wish.


There is a saying “Live through consciousness, not through emotion”; so be conscious of your body, be conscious of your thoughts, be conscious of your actions, be conscious of your own intuition, and be conscious of whereto you attach your emotions.


In meditation, you will know



Marianne Johansen, June 2019

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photo credit: Marianne Johansen

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