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Symbolism all around us


We are living in a world of symbolism. Everything we encounter around us, is a mirror of what is going within us. 

We see symbolism in our physical world when we are awake, in our dreams, when we meditate. It does not mean that every little thing we encounter, means something currently significant – but when you consciously suddenly take special notice of something – a word, an animal, a cloud, an image, a thing in your home, a stone on the road and so on – then have faith in the fact that, there is an important message in it for you. Your awareness is led to this certain ‘something’, because the interpretation of the sign is something that is useful for your right now, for your personal growth. Your soul is making you notice this, because it is of value to your understanding of your current situation.

Symbolism is just one of the ways in which soul speaks. Symbolism and synchronicity are closely related, which I have also written about in another article.


Once you start becoming aware of the fact that your soul speaks to you in signs and symbolism, you will intuitively know which things to ‘look up’ and interpret, and which things are not important in this moment. You will just know.


“As above, so below”, “As within, so without”.

As everything in our outer world is a reflection of what is going on in our inner world, we can use our outer reality as a guide to what is happening inside us. The symbols/signs you encounter – and take special notice of – show you where some work is needed, for example in which areas some old fears need releasing, where some old wounds reside that need clearing, or something about your physical condition that needs to be understood etc.

When you start noticing WHERE you saw the sign, what KIND of symbol you saw, what is currently ON YOUR MIND troubling you or puzzling you, what you were THINKING just before you noticed the sign, you begin to see the correlations with more ease. There are some excellent websites out there that offer very wise and mindful insight to symbolism and interpretations.


Working with soul

If you, for example, see a blackbird where you didn’t expect to see one, or if a deer jumps out on the road in front of you while you’re driving, or your attention is suddenly drawn to the clouds and you see a cloud shaped as a face or an animal, or a dragon fly whizzes by you, go look up these signs! They are there to help you! They will tell you something you need to know at this time.

It is as if you are projecting or manifesting something that is beneficial for you to notice. It is your soul at work – helping you see something from your inner world, by showing you the signs/symbols in the outer world, the physical world!

Much like when you dream in your sleep – soul is at work, your subconscious is at work, offering their advice and guidance about certain aspects, situations or issues that are going on in your life right now. It is an opportunity for you to consciously, in your wake state, look at these symbols, images, or feelings, and see the benefit of understanding them. Being willing to look this symbolism in the eye is an opportunity for you to let help in, that will allow you to move through a challenge or give you confirmation on something that has been puzzling you for a while, or information about a physical condition you are experiencing.


Communicating with the Universe

Taking your collaboration with soul and the higher energies a step further, you can ask the Universe to send you signs about any topic you like. Don’t ask for a specific sign, just put your request ‘out there’, wait, and be open to noticing!

If the symbolism you notice is accompanied by a strong feeling, or a sudden knowing, then it is the Universe, or soul, communicating with you! It is giving you the information, reassurance or comfort you asked for. It will always give you a positive, ‘feel-good’-feeling. The more you practice this, the more you will see the ‘magic’ unfolding in your life!

You will be amazed at what information you can deduct from the world around you. And remember: Not every bird or  cloud or thing you see is a ‘sign’. Go with the special feeling, sudden noticing something, or just knowing when to look at something. They are symbols manifesting in front of you, for you to take notice of, to help you through your current situation.

Go with the feeling, and look up the symbolism of what you see in your life! It can open doors for you.



Marianne Johansen, Updated August 2019 (orig. article Oct. 2018)

© All rights reserved. Feel free to share or quote, but please link back to source.

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