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Some say that we are ‘creatures of habit’. While that may be so, I find nothing as REFRESHING, however, as changing my daily routines regularly – or changing the furniture in my home around, or taking a new route somewhere, or trying out a new grocery store, and so on.
Come to think of it, maybe it is all about getting “into the habit” of changing your routines from time to time??
In any case, changing your routines, your furniture placement, your route etc., helps you to, for example:
– Create new perspectives on things
– See things from a different angle
– Notice new things
– Helps you get used to change – after all, nothing in this world is permanent, everything is temporary, change is enevitable.

Generally, changing things, routines, helps to open up to your creative flow due to your changed perspective of seeing the physical things! 
An example:

Having just rearranged some of the furniture in my living room, I found a new spot, where I can sit comfortably and in the sun’s rays for a while, at a certain time of the day.
Just closing my eyes and sitting with my face turned towards the sun, put me in a meditative state, I could go within, and ‘hear’ what was going on in my inner world.
Because I was also sitting in a different place, it means the energies are different there, so the insight I had was showing me an issue from a different perspective – bringing about a new solution to a question I was pondering!
This is just one example of how creating CHANGE to our routines can help us keep us on our toes, it helps to keep us alert, it brings in something NEW, and helps us be curious and in awe of new DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY we may not have seen before!
I hope this article has proven to be inspirational to you.  As always, thank you for reading. Happy intuitive living to you!

Marianne (Feb 2020)

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Photo credit: Sarah Cervantes – Unsplash

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