Inner Wisdom

Let Your Inner Wisdom Guide You 

Soul is your inner guide THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE. It resides in your heart space, and gently communicates to you in different ways:

  • through your intuition
  • as a feeling
  • by a certain 'knowing'
  • via your gut feeling
  • as your inner voice
  • through visions
  • with surety and joy 

You can use this guidance to

  • NAVIGATE your life
  • Give you a 'heads up' on your situations
  • Act in the BEST interest of your own growth and happiness - AND in the best interest of the GREATER GOOD

Guidance from soul comes through as a calm awareness. Once you become consciously aware of your soul, you realise, that this guidance feels 'just right' to you, even on a deeper and long-term level.



Soul has a direct link to the Cosmos, to Spirit, so when you connect with soul - your true nature - you connect with a source of infinite wisdom.

Your inner wisdom also flows into your awareness during MEDITATION, as a sudden EPIPHANY, or by you having a PREMONITION about something that turns out to be true or being in the best interest for all.

 Not sure if you have the 'right' connection?

Do you feel the need for help in UNDERSTANDING, TRUSTING, or INTERPRETING your connection to soul and the infinite wisdom?

Then, EXPLORE my SERVICES to see how I can help you get more familiarised with your connection.


"The Innermost light, shining peacefully and timelessly in the heart, is the real Guru.
All others merely show the way." - Nisargadatta.  


Marianne Johansen



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