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FEAR OF FULLY GROUNDING - a spiritual conundrum

Fear of FULLY GROUNDING is a 'legitimate' fear, which many, on their spiritual journey, may feel, or have felt at some point.
Not thoroughly appreciating the need for grounding, may prevent many from engaging fully in some of the activities their soul is longing to do, and share with the world.
In the CHAKRA system, GROUNDING is associated with the ROOT CHAKRA, (the base chakra near the tailbone).
The ROOT CHAKRA holds energies like:
● a sense of stability, creating a foundation,
● establishing roots in your life
● a sense of security and safety
● material things
● your physical connection with Earth
● your emotional needs of interconnection
● a sense of being fearless, ie having TRUST in the universe and in yourself
● your elimination system, and the soles of your feet
The root chakra is also connected to: Mother Earth, soil, the ground, mud, roots, caves, rocks – so, the HEAVIER and DENSER energies.
FOR THIS REASON, some may think or fear, that FULLY ENGAGING WITH or SURRENDERING into the root chakra may make it difficult to keep one's connection with the HIGHER ENERGIES like one's guides, one’s spiritual self, Angels, other higher beings, etc.
Some fear that they get 'stuck' in the lower, denser energies, like being stuck in quicksand, if they go too much into the energies of the root chakra and if they ground ‘too much’.
It is not so.
Remember, you are not surrendering yourself physically – ie. you are not getting your body stuck in quicksand or entering into dark caves.
BY ENGAGING WITH GROUNDING and the root chakra, you are merely ACCEPTING the ENERGIES of that chakra.
You are accepting that you need to
?- create STABILITY in your life
?- create something that gives you a sense of SECURITY
?- create A FOUNDATION to build your Earth life on
?- take care of eg. your elimination (digestive) system, and nurture your physical contact with the ground through your feet, or for example by lying on the ground.
- etc.
Those things get you in touch with your ROOT CHAKRA - your foundation for your Earth life.
You are not BECOMING earth, or BECOMING heavy and dense, but you are UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTING those energies of the root chakra.
IN ORDER TO FEEL GROUNDED, you need to WORK WITH those root chakra concepts - and you need to work those energies to your advantage, so you can also be of help to others as well as yourself.
To have a BALANCED life, you need to feel those energies, of stability, of security, and you need to create it for yourself - that way you are accepting them; and that way you are ACCEPTING GROUNDING and all that your ROOT CHAKRA stands for.
That is all.
You are not ‘submerging’ your physical body into quicksand or into a cave – you are playing with the energies – you are playing by Earth rules, you are accepting the density, the heavier energies, but you are still OF a higher energy, and you are not losing your connection to your soul, or to your higher chakras, or to the higher energies.
SO IF YOU CAN ACCEPT THAT, while you are here on Earth, you have to CREATE the feeling of the energies that are associated with the Root Chakra, then you are ready to INTEGRATE your ROOT CHAKRA as an ALL IMPORTANT part of your body and of your life experience – and then you no longer need to fear being “swallowed” by dense, heavy energies.
You can learn to WORK WITH THEM to your advantage, and you will come to know and trust that your higher connection and vision is still intact, as long as you work with those energies as well. 
Stay safe – stay alert – and stay in the <3

I hope this article has proven to be inspirational to you.  As always, thank you for reading, and happy journeying!



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photo credit: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash


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