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Bringing Your Life into Balance


Ways of bringing ourselves into balance –

what is the ‘secret ingredient’?


When we are balanced within, things on the outside ‘magically’ align themselves around us.

Plans may suddenly click and take off, our schedule may clear, we get that call we’ve been waiting for, our children calm down, we get that peace and quiet we needed to complete our project, and so on.


It's all you

The thing is, it is not ‘magic’. It is you! It is your energies. Your life (around you) is a reflection of your inner world. If your inner world is in chaos, things around you will be chaotic. You may have a housing problem, you cannot seem to get the spark going in your work or career, you are unfocused doing things without knowing what your goal with it really is, your children are acting up, your emotions are all over the place, and so on.

But once you start balancing yourself, once you start working with your inner world, your world of emotions, beliefs, physical challenges, ‘traumas’ however big or small impact they have made on you, then you will start to see details of your life falling into place. Things will suddenly work out. Step by step.


State of awareness and gratefulness

At this stage, it is important to notice and to recognise the things that are SUCCEEDING, the things that are working out - and it is important to feel GRATEFUL for it. Noticing and sending a positive, appreciative feeling out there, is a signal to the universe, that you are aware that you are in alignment with the higher, positive outcomes, that your soul so wants for you.

You are your soul – you are also your earthly physical, emotional, intellectual you.  Soul speaks to you through your intuition. When you get the feeling that something is ‘right’, it feels good, it brings you joy and opens you up to the world, then it is soul cheering you on, letting you know that you are in alignment with your higher self and your path.


Being in alignment with your soul

Bringing balance into your inner world, is coming into alignment with yourself, your soul, your higher self. You then become a magnet for the things that are in alignment with ‘you’.  And with your awareness of this alignment, of this ‘succeeding’ of yours, of this ‘things are working out’, it becomes easier for you to go the next step, to take it to the next level, to the next ‘thing’ (emotion, belief, trauma, physical challenge etc) you need to bring into balance.


Finding your 'secret ingredient' 

Ways of bringing in balance can be of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature – depending on what your ‘topic’ is. Often it is a combination of things that you can do to help you balance yourself.

Maybe you would feel a boost by going for walks in nature. Maybe you need to go on the water in a kayak/sail boat/dinghy and get some perspective. Maybe you need to write something down, or talk with someone you trust. 

Or you would benefit from doing some kind of therapy, spiritual guidance, or meditation practices. Maybe exercise or a change of diet would help you, bring yourself into alignment and balance.

You can work on a number of areas, that each have different ways of bringing balance into your whole being, into your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental ‘systems’.

There are ways of finding out what exactly your needs are. In my work, I am able to read your whole field, and am able to pinpoint and specify in which area(s) balance is needed, in order for you to be in alignment, and what is needed that will help you attract the things that are in line with your inner world, your soul, and your path.


I hope you have enjoyed this article – pls. leave a comment. Explore yourself and your inner world!

I wish you Happy Soul Journeying

Marianne Johansen



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