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Psychic Painting

Psychic Intuitive Painting

Have you ever painted something, that 

you afterwards saw in a similar version in a completely different place - like on the news,  or in a magazine, or on a website, or as a thumbnail image on a YouTube video? 

Sometimes, when we paint intuitively, ie. letting spirit or our intuition flow through us,  we can paint something that turns out to symbolise certain information that can help us understand something about our internal world and our spiritual journey. 

For instance, the painting above, with the blueish/whitish 'flower' or 'star' in the middle , is a painting I did many years ago. I later saw images of Sirius, the 'blue star', and was baffled by the similarity. Years after that, I would learn that Sirius actually is closely connected to my soul's origins, which would also explain my feeling drawn to the energies of the star.


Because by being IN TUNE with our surroundings and observing synchronicities, we open ourselves up to the realisation that we are intuitive and powerful beings with abilities that stretch far beyond the 3D physical world.

Being in tune brings insight, connections, and purposeful new experiences into our life! 

This I painted in the summer of 2013. I would some months later, maybe longer, see a very similar photo that somebody had taken, in Egypt somewhere, claiming a UFO sighting! If this was indeed what came out in my painting months before, I cannot say - or even begin to prove! But, I do enjoy and find these incidents very exciting, and curious! They make me ponder things.  

Whenever I paint, I don't have a specific image in my mind. I just go with whatever colors I feel like using, and I just start painting. 

Curiously, my paintings often tend to have to be turned either UPSIDE DOWN or SIDEWAYS to show the final result. 

I have not yet delved into finding out about the psychology behind that 'phenomenon'! 

"My Earth and Moon" - painted in 2013 - modified in 2014. 

Again, this was not a deliberate attempt to create the moon, or a face. I would only notice this, as I was finished and turned the painting different ways, and realised that upside down from the position I had painted this, the 'moon' and a 'face' appeared. 

Astounded as always, as to how the mind can play 'tricks' like that, and how it is never consistent. Sometimes I turn the painting sideways, sometimes upside down, and an image that resembles something appears! 

The story behind this painting and the image below, that I came across much later, is "stranger than fiction"! 

I painted my painting in 2013. Now I realise that this just seems too uncanny to be true, but I was so shocked and surprised when I came across the image below around a year later, while I was searching for some games on the internet, for my eldest son. I could not believe my eyes. The similarity is uncanny! 

In fact, I was so flabbergasted, that I wrote the company (Activision) that designs this game (Bungie Destiny), because I was truly interested in knowing who had come up with this image! It is like we have had the same vision, just from two slightly different angles.  The details that match are just unbelievable. 

I never did hear back from the company, however, so I do not know what their story behind this image is. 

Many years later, I was researching a lot about ORBS, because some had shown up in photos that I had taken with my mobile phone - and I read that orbs are often associated with ETs and visits from 'other worlds'. They can also be a sign that you are receiving 'downloads', i.e. information that is beyond this reality, things that you just suddenly know, or 'hear' about. 

I painted the top painting - also in 2013! 

The 'tunnel' like image just appeared, as I was inspired to paint in this circular way.  

Later that year (again, 2013! - this year was a big year for divine downloads, information downloads) - I came across a video about Dr. Emoto's famous water experiments, how water has memory, and how water reacts to thoughts and words, and the still-shot of an image in the video was the image below, and again I was AMAZED and couldn't believe my eyes, as to how very similar this image was, to the painting I had painted! 

(image source: https://www.pinterest.at/pin/216946907036709688/, from a video about Dr. Emoto's water experiment) 





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