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Feeling energy with your heart


Everything is energy. 

As a human being, we can feel it in our heart when energy in the form of music, a sight, or a sound, enters our system. Whatever we feel in our heart, affects our physical energy system and can make us respond by crying or feeling anger, or it can make us laugh, or make us miss someone. 

It is all "energy in movement".

Energy alters, it affects, it changes, it alchemises, when it comes in contact with our heart, and with our physical senses. You might say we have 7 senses: Touch, smell, hear, taste, feel, the 6th/psychic/intuitive sense - and our sense of compassion, empathy, and love, through our heart. 

Cherish your ability to feel - with all the senses you have. Be glad that you have the potential for this openness and connection through your heart space - a connection to empathy for life and all beings. Feeling these energies, may make you cry, or fill your heart space up with so much empathy and compassion that it feels like it is just going to overflow. Cherish it - because in this state you are sending out so much healing and love out into your surroundings as well. You can almost feel and see the energy waves ripple outwards, from your heart area. 


Energy makes ripples all the time. And these ripples continue on and on, affecting all other energies or energy fields they meet along the way. 

We are all emitters of energy - at all times. The effect of our energy can be felt by our surroundings - as much as we can feel the energy coming from everything and everyone around us. Our surroundings subconsciously sense if the energy we emit comes from our heart space, or from our mind, or from pent-up, constrained emotions. 


Everything that happens around us is energetic. We can feel it. And it influences our thoughts as well. Our mind is another energy 'station'. 

If you hear sad, or sentimental music, it makes your thoughts slow down - you may feel a greater love towards life and others, you may feel your world view soar and expand. You may feel forgiving and "all-inclusive". That is the energy of music - it has a powerful effect on our emotional 'system'. It is all about vibration and frequency.

Energies are all around us. Thought forms are introduced to us from everywhere around us. Everything we read and hear, influences us. 

It can be very helpful to be aware of this.

Notice how you feel, and what triggers certain emotions in you. With your discernment you can withdraw from unpleasant influences and nurture and focus on the bright and life-giving ones. 


When you watch something and it stirs certain feelings in you, have you stopped to notice what brings on those feelings? How does your reaction come about? What is actually going on, and do you have any influence on the outcome? 

Another question is, if you see something that stirs certain feelings in you, is it because you associate it with some kind of narrative you have heard, or read somewhere and that you attach to the vision? A story that has been accepted as being connected with that particular sight? 

For example, if you listen to a soulful, native American melody, you may start crying. Why is that?

It is because the music resonates with your heart at that certain vibration - and your heart responds, and goes out to the people who suffered incredibly during horrible experiences - we have been told about this, and we have watched movies or documentaries etc.  - and our compassion flows over for them. We cannot fathom the evil that fell upon them. 

Their music brings forward that suffering, and that innocence, that purity they had in them - that we all have in us, originally. 

We see the narrative with our inner eye - we see them living the pure life in harmony with and respect for Nature. Our life-giving earth, wind, water, and fire. It is as if - when we hear their music - that we can feel the basis of OUR existence - the existence of ALL humans - was violated. 


We have images in our minds, of the Native Americans living their life with nature - and being wise, humble, respectful people. They had a connection with the other worlds, with Spirit, their psychic and intuitive skills were honed and honored, their creatitivity was allowed to blossom. Until they had it all ripped away, torn to pieces. 

That is the narrative that we connect to the music of the native Americans. Their music tells their story - a story that includes the epitome of evil descending upon the trusting and the pure. And this music creates this thought and these emotions - and it is all energy, and it affects us, because we are energy and vibration too. 


© Marianne Johansen, March 2021 




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