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Filling your own cup


Have you ever felt like you were losing hope - feeling like an 'empty cup' - not knowing how to fill yourself up? Maybe you have sort of felt alone all your life, or felt like nobody understood you thoroughly - and perhaps you have a feeling of not being able to EXPRESS yourself, or you feel un-supported or even un-acknowledged, when trying to express yourself? 

How do you overcome that empty feeling? Where do you start? 



Having worked through many, many layers of my own, I now understand that the first thing that is needed, in order to change something, is to become AWARE that there is something 'out of balance' that doesn't feel right in your life. 

Is there an area of your life that is not making you happy? Is there something that, just by thinking of it, makes you cringe, makes your stomach curl up, and just makes you feel uncomfortable? 

If you have an area (or more) in your life that makes you feel this way, it means that there are layers that you can start peeling away. In order to do that you can, for example: 

  • Read books on the topics
  • Find articles to read
  • Talk to a therapist 
  • Talk to someone who can read your soul and your past
  • Write your thoughts and feelings down to try and find a pattern, or get someone to help you find the pattern(s).

These 'layers' (of emotional trauma, negative thoughts, negative self-talk, outdated and untrue beliefs about yourself etc) are hurtful and they are blocking your further evolvement. Working on 'peeling' one layer at at time is a tried and tested way of dealing with inner blockages and hurdles. 



If you have realised that you have some "issues" in your life - know that tackling these issues is the way forward - and know that there is help to get in doing so. Many of  us, who have walked through life and similar issues already, are here and ready with a helping hand.

If your parents are not available or able to help, there are plenty of other adults who are. Help is around. Also if you are an adult. There are plenty of people who do not see it as 'shameful' or 'weak' when somebody comes for help. This is what therapists/close friends/trusted relatives are for.

As human beings with a soul, we are bound to have layers, from past lives, or from earlier on in this current life – we are bound to have issues, problems, blockages – and we often need other people to help us get through.



I want to mention connecting with nature - as it is SO important – nowadays many do not even notice nature, they are busy looking on their phone and other gadgets - but connecting with NATURE  is a sure way of feeling grounded, of feeling secure, safe, and it also provides a direct link to what is  beyond our physical existence. Connecting with nature helps us to see that very important, fundamental part of our own existence. It gives us a sense of  belonging to, and being part of, something bigger, wiser, magical. 

You feel the life force more naturally in you when you are in nature – you can of course feel the life force anywhere, but if you need a boost, reminder, or an extra confirmation of your connection to your higher reality, nature is the way to go, as an assured step of starting to fill your own cup. 

Self-awareness, and drawing on your own inner world, is the way forward in a world that is increasingly filled with distractions to do just that. 

Going within, feeling your soul and the sovereignty inside - if you make that your focus and priority you are already on the way to dissolving those old layers in yourself that only keep you from moving forward in your fullest expression - as your true self. 


© Marianne Johansen, May 2021 


photo credit: Sydney Rae/Unsplash


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