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Your Body is a Biological Machine – Stay Fit

Help your physical body stay supple and smooth running.


Are you over 50 and feeling changes to your body and your stamina? Do you feel you now need to work harder at staying fit and 'feeling young'? Well, you can help yourself stay 'young' in many ways. Read on....

You don't have to succumb to the biological  natural 'decline' of your physical state. It seems to me that it was 'of the olden days' that our grandparents would start to sit more, move less, and maybe put on the pounds as they reached their mid-50s and definitely after their 60s. 

I am in no way judging older people - I am saying it doesn't have to be that way! And I am saying that a lot of it has to do with mindset.

When we hit 50+ (like I have), then there are NATURAL ways and exercises that can help our 'biological machine' stay supple, smooth running and fit - to make us feel fresh, mentally clear, and good about ourself! But it really does start in the mind.



If you have the belief that you will look a certain way, feel a certain way, be less able in certain ways after you hit the mid-50s and onwards - well, you are of course partly right. 

The body does begin to 'deteriorate' from the moment we are born into this physical world. First it slowly matures,  then reaches its 'prime', and then starts to 'wither' until the last breath and the last beat of our heart.

It is the cycle of life! It is the cycle of plants, of trees, of flowers, of cells, of animals, of human bodies. The cycle naturally ends with decay and the shifting into a new form.

As we move through maturity, we move through time. 

Soul stays 'alive' though. Our consciousness stays 'alive'. Only our physical body withers away under these temporary, earthly 3D conditions. 

Seeing your body as a 'machine':

But use your mind and take a different view of your 'physical body machine'. Take e.g. a car, or other type of machinery - and notice how the human body has similar parts: 

There are 'hinges' (=joints in the human body), there is internal tubing (=blood vessels), generators (=nerve bundles, heart), ignitions (=nerve impulses), gears (muscle strength and tendons), moving parts (brain function and nerve connection) etc. etc. You can literally compare yourself to a 'biological type of machinery'. 

Just remember, you are biological - you are not a machine! ;-) 

But like with any type of machinery, it - your  biological body - needs maintenance. Very basic and simple maintenance, to keep the parts from 'rusting', to keep the hinges from 'sticking' and becoming immobile, to keep the 'circulatory tubes' 'well greased' so the 'oil' flows smoothly and evenly and to every place.

Over time, our body may need a little help with some of these basic 'mechanisms'. 

It's all about helping the body run smoothly,  like

    • helping the 'inner tubes' be clean, preventing build-ups from happening, keeping the "engine" running smoothly, exercising the body, help the lungs expand and contract by exercising and thereby needing more oxygen for the muscles, helping the circulation, moving all digits, circulating the joints, keeping all the parts moving. 

Maintain your body just like you maintain your car or your bike or motorbike. Any machinery needs regular maintenance to help it keep running for a long time. 



So there are a number of ways in which you can maintain your body throughout your 'golden decades'. (*)

Getting into the mindset of taking care of your biological 'vehicle'/'machine' might help you take an alternative or different approach to it than the 'standard' way of looking at your body and the perhaps dread of the ageing process. Keep your thoughts and outlook fresh! Keep dancing! 

And I am not saying be in denial of ageing or be in denial of certain things becoming more challenging - we are after all physical beings in a physical environment, and our bodies react to the environment and has a natural limit - but we can help our own well-being by taking certain measures that help us feel better until our body comes to a natural stop. I am saying ageing doesn't have to happen as fast and as drastically as we may have previously believed.

Now, there are some main areas that I have noticed that start needing a little extra 'help' in order to stay fresh, clear-minded, and supple (*). 

Those areas are: 

    • Circulation
    • Muscle strength
    • Mental acuteness 
    • Balance 
    • Flexibility and suppleness (mentally and physically)
    • Prevention of 'build-up' of 'toxins'/unwanted substances

There may be other areas, but this is just meant to be an informative, inspirational, article based on personal experience and research so far. It is not an attempt to dispense medical information. 

So, there are 'biological things' we can do to keep our body in good form and to keep it healthy and working. If you sit and don't move, your body will 'rust' inside, the joints will stop moving freely and the circulation will slow down. 

The following ideas are for you to be aware of even from when you are 50+. With regular practice and introducing new habits it becomes a regular thing, and you increase your chances of staying fit and 'fresh'. 

So, to help the circulation and to keep the blood coming to all areas of your body you can: (*)

    • Get regular massages to e.g. help regulate blood pressure and promote general well-being throughout the body
    • Massage your scalp while lying with your head downwards to stimulate circulation to hair follicles
    • Drink lots of water (in general)
    • Wiggle your toes and fingers, rotate your wrists and ankles, kick your legs when holding them up, swing your arms etc., jump up and down

To help muscle strength you can: (*)

    • Do soft exercises that help maintain muscle use (walking, yoga, swimming, whatever you like that helps a softer build of muscle strength)

To help your mental 'shrewdness' stay strong you can: (*)

    • Do crossword puzzles
    • Learn a new language 
    • Do mental maths 
    • Keep abreast of new developments in IT or other areas 
    • Learn other new skills 
    • Practice remembering things 
    • Trust in your mind 

To help your balance you can: (*)

    • Do little balancing acts as you get dressed.
    • Train your sense of balance (and leg strength) when you walk up stairs 
    • Practice standing on one leg at a time. 
    • Do yoga exercises that promote balance. 
    • Use a bike regularly
    • Get into meditation as it helps promote a calm mind and awareness of the stillness and balance within

To help flexibility and suppleness (mentally and physically) you can: (*)

    • Keep your mind open to new ideas, perspectives 
    • Do yoga or other exercise styles like stretching that work subtly on giving you flexibility in your tendons and muscles 
    • Do body brushing, loofahs, salt scrubs to help promote circulation under the surface of the skin 

To help with prevention of build-up of 'toxins' in your body you can: (*)

    • Eat or drink anti-oxidants that help you feel more 'fresh' and 'clean' inside (research the internet for dietary examples that suit your taste and body type). 
    • Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins and to help your lymphatic system

And lastly - do your own research! Do what gives you joy to do - enjoy maintaining your body! :-) 

*(Be aware of contra-indications!) DISCLAIMER: I am NOT distributing any kind of medical advice, the information and tips I post are coming from my own life experience and research. I am not a medical doctor. It is entirely your own responsibility to take care of your body, to listen to signs from your body, to seek out professional medical care if you have any concerns about your physical well-being and treatment!) 


I hope that with these tips I have given you some ideas or perhaps inspired you to come up with your own ideas on contributing to staying fit, fresh, balanced and mentally strong throughout your lifetime. 

© Marianne Johansen, 2021 


photo credit: Bee Naturalles/Unsplash

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