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How to build your inner light

If you are feeling fear, you may just have forgotten just how powerful you are - and maybe you just need to take time to replenish your inner 'power source'. 

How can you do that?

    • You can use your imagination to see an inner core of light in your body. This inner core is the real you. You are energy, you are light. Your light is able to extend out from within you, to way beyond your physical body, like a 'force field'.
    • Imagine your core 'siphoning' energy off of an endless energy 'source'.   
    • You can fill your core up this way whenever you want. Imagine that the energy replenishes you with light and love and compassion with your in-breath. 
    • Imagine that this light gives you strength - and that with this strength you can overcome anything, any fear. When you connect with that inner core of light, you have all the strength of the universe within you.  
    • Breathe in and out while you imagine all this - with the in-breath pull source energy towards you, with the out-breath feel your core growing and beginning to extend out from your physical body, like a bubble of light.
    • Your bubble of light is impenetrable from the outside. You can keep the flow going through awareness of your breath, until you feel your core has grown and replenished way beyond your body and into the infinite, until you feel strong and radiating love.
    • Feel how you are regaining your strength and sovereignty as an individual core of light, always only just a breath away from source. 

In peace, 

Marianne Johansen © 2021

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