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Start with your connection to your heart

The first thing that matters, is your connection with heart, with your soul.

Make the connection every day.

No matter what you are seeking guidance for, all answers will come to you with meditation or other intuitively guided daily spiritual practices. Answers come to you with intentional divination using tarot cards or auto-writing,  or through inspirational downloads when you are in the shower or when you are cleaning or gardening. 

It is when you are in that relaxed mental state, or when your mind is focusing on 'routine' tasks, that you are open to those moments that bring you insight, calm guidance from your soul and give you a higher perspective on your daily life and purpose.

Being in Nature opens up your connection too - when  you are out there, and take time to be quiet, to notice, and to absorb.

And that is all you need:

    • Consciously or intuitively being open to connecting with your heart, your soul, your higher self - for answers and guidance on all matters. 


©Marianne Johansen, 2021 


photo credit: Fa Barboza / Unsplash

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