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Your reality vs. the Global reality


There is a difference between your reality and the global reality - it is like living side by side. 

What do I mean by that? Well, imagine your own daily life. You live some place, you may have a job outside your home, you probably live in some sort of community, whether that is a smaller village, town or a big city. So you spend your daily life within a small or big circle, which is your range of physical movement for the most part of your daily life. 

But through the news, YouTube, or other places on the internet you hear about all kinds of things that are going on OUTSIDE of where you spend your daily life, ie. OUTSIDE your circle of movement. All this information most probably has an affect on you, whether that is fear, shock, sadness, joy, compassion etc. etc. You feel the feelings, you have some thoughts, you may build some stories in your mind.

So you may hear or learn about all these things that are happening far away, in other 'circles' - but what is YOUR OWN daily reality really like? Sometimes we may hold fear or uncertainty or worry over something that is not really happening to us within our own circle of reality. 

I am not saying ignore what is going on outside your own circle - keeping informed is a positive thing as well, for getting inspired, feeling a sense of belonging with like-minded people, forming networks, getting ideas etc. etc. - BUT sometimes we tend to anticipate, and fear and get affected by something that is not in our own circle or sphere of reality, which can lead to creating thoughts in our minds - and we know that our thoughts, beliefs, and actions create our reality



so when we take on board too much information that is disturbing, but nonetheless NOT part of our daily life, we may unwittingly, unconsciously start to INFLUENCE OUR OWN CIRCLE negatively.

We may end up co-creating the very thing we feel sad, shocked, worried about and bring it into our own circle of movement, into our daily life. 

In this way, we have to be careful with what we let into our mind, and we have to observe the feelings it stirs in us. 

The 'remedy' here, is to be observant about our own thoughts, our own feelings, and to be focused on what we WANT to create!

The 'remedy' is to create something positive within our own reality, which will inevitably spread - just like the 'bad news' spreads, so does the 'good news'. And when we create something positive, we can all help in spreading the 'good news', the success stories, the stories of compassion and kindness. 

"Energy itself is neither positive nor negative. It just is. It is what we make with it that determines whether it has a positive or a negative effect." 


© Marianne Johansen, 2021


photo credit: Kylie Paz / Unsplash


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