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    Did you know that…?

     A compilation of curiosities, knowledge and Ahaaas. Philammon: In Greek mythology, Philammon (Ancient Greek: Φιλάμμων) was an excellent musician, a talent he received from his father Apollo. (wikipedia)Could this be the real background for the word PHILHARMONIC orchestra ? - (although you will not find that connection on Google.)

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    Symbolism all around us

      We are living in a world of symbolism. Everything we encounter around us, is a mirror of what is going within us.  We see symbolism in our physical world when we are awake, in our dreams, when we meditate. It does not mean that every little thing we encounter, means something currently significant – but when you consciously suddenly take special notice of something – a word, an animal, a cloud, an image, a thing in your home, a stone on the road and so on – then have faith in the fact that, there is an important message in it for you. Your awareness is led to this…

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    SYMBOLISM: snail

    SYMBOLISM: One of my favorite symbolism-go-to-pages is Whats-your-sign.com . Often, when I’m out in nature, I will notice something that especially catches my eye or attention, and I know that when I go home and look it up, there will be a special meaning behind my encounter. A message, a confirmation of my own intuition, an insight perhaps. If you’re interested in looking into interpretation of what comes into your awareness, looking up symbolism is a fun – and educational – way to engage in the world! You’ll be surprised at what symbolism can tell you about your own life, and at how it can help you hone your own intuitive skills! One…


    Oracle CLOUD formations!

      ORACLE MESSAGES? SIGNS FROM HEAVEN, ANGELS OR LOVED ONES? OR SIMPLY CASES OF PAREIDOLIA (the tendency to interpret a symbol as something known to the observer, as a meaningful sign)? No matter how one may interpret them, cloud formations always seem to come as a comfort, guidance or confirmation. I have always noticed clouds, but especially for the past 10+ years. Here is a compilation of some of the CLOUD FORMATIONS I have been lucky enough to capture with my mobile phone camera over the past few years. Be your own judge of whether you believe in signs like this as part of your spiritual journey: *********************************************** This one…

  • Self-development,  SYMBOLISM

    How Synchronicities work

      Getting directions and guidance from soul Synchronicities are fun! I love it when synchronicities happen in my life! They give me direct signs that I am on the right path.  It is as if the Universe is telling me ‘yes, yes, you are going in the right direction’ and ‘yes, you are really on to something that is aligned with your soul’. Synchronicities come in the form of a tarot card, a song that comes on as you turn on the radio, someone who you just thought of calls you, sudden chills/goosebumps, your ability to suddenly formulate something complex very eloquently and easy to grasp, a detour that turns out…



    Key words: Numbers appearing on clocks, receipts, car license plates and so on, as life guidance. Appeared/Meaning: I notice numbers on an almost daily basis and love the guidance the combinations give me. It is always spot on and helps with finding direction, being on your life path, trusting in the universe and so on! I got interested in and started reading about numerology, vibrations and frequencies in 1998, and researched my previous house numbers, postal codes, and special dates coinciding with key people in my life etc. To my astonishment I found amazing correlations and information that could help me decipher meanings behind certain events or circumstances according to…


    Pyramid Symbolism

    Key words: Pyramid, monument, energy vortex, generator, transformer Appeared to me: During healing sessions performed on me, in dreams or during meditations. Meaning: They always appear as powerful energy vortices, either carrying tainted energies out or infusing focused, clean, healing pure energy, like a funnel direct from source, and maybe almost too pure for us to consciously comprehend while in body, but noticeable in visions and sensations. One out of dozens of theories about the pyramids, is that they act as energy generators/conductors and have ‘hooked up’ to a global power ‘ring’. Fascinating enigmatic structures with an air of mystery and deep knowledge about them. No doubt in my mind…