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Channeled Messages


Disclaimer: For 'entertainment' purposes. No medical advice, advertising, or religious/political proclamations in any form is intended. 

Are you trusting in your own self and your own strength?

9 Sept  2021

Auto-writing. Message from Spirit:

If you feel that you have continuous anxiety or a feeling of fear in your 'tummy' area, have you thought about it stemming from a lack of trust in yourself and your ability to 'make it', to 'pull through', to 'stay ok and well'? 

Maybe you fear that you are not going to be able to stay ok, healthy, and happy and to provide for yourself and your children or other loved ones? 

With the world going through these 'chaotic times', and the news media pumping out bad news constantly, it is no wonder that these fears and anxieties pop up.

But, you can GO WITH YOUR OWN LIGHT. You can decide to let your own strength pull you through. Go on and feel it. Breathe in and out slowly, picture your own strength and power in there, inside you. STAY in that inner strength when you meet obstacles, feel your own power and see it reaching beyond the physical world. You are MUCH bigger than just your physical shell. 

You can keep filling up your inner power source from the original source from where you come - from your 'soul source'. 

Imagine that source is an ever-flowing 'mass' of light energy that you can draw on with your in-breath. It fills up your core and fills you up to the brim of your physical body, then with each out-breath it spills over beyond your body until you feel that 'your field' is the right 'size'. See it just hover from within you and around you like a bubble of living light energy. 


You are able to draw from this source and powerful energy by just imagining it, by breathing it in and seeing it spill into you through a golden light thread that connects your inner core with the source. You are filled up through this thread, and you can replenish your strength and your field and you can feel it fill you and expand beyond your body. It melts away any form of resistance or lower vibrating 'masses' of energy. 

See yourself as the 'remedyer' that draws in from the pure light and life-nurturing source. You 'remedy' by being this happy light and you help lift others up, you lift up those that are vibrating lower, in fear. At first,  those of a lower vibration may squirm and resist the joy and pure love that is coming from source through you, and they may try to 'battle the messenger' - but just keep picturing your own strength staying as powerful and bright as ever - nothing can penetrate your light core and field. 

Feel your expansion, feel your light expand and feel your trust in yourself and your own strength and abilities growing. 

Practice building up that strength and trust whenever you feel the need to replenish. 

You can do it! Use your imagination and see it, feel it, focus on it - and it is so.


photo credit: Marek Piwnicki/Unsplash

Be a channel for spirit

25 May  2021

Auto-writing. Message from Spirit:

"Be your authentic you – at all times. 

Imagine being consciously connected with your divine self, with spirit, your intuition – whatever you like to call  the higher perspective of yourself – all the time. Imagine feeling the inner guidance and peace.

And you CAN have that connection conciously, all the time, no matter what you do. Whether you are e.g. talking with someone on the street, driving in your car or in a bus, being with your children or spouse, or in a meeting at work – you are always coming from a place of your highest self - because that is who you really are.

Of course, 'life gets in the way', we get preoccupied with some physical 'thing' we have to do - and we have to deal with those 'things' and they can throw us off the 'spiritual mode' for a bit. But when you feel a little ‘off’ the spiritual path, then take a moment to remind yourself to connect and to RE-ALIGN yourself with your ‘spirit mode’ again. Breathe in, and remember who you are. Let the stress leave you with the out-breath.

Needing help is okay 

Sometimes, we need a little help in the form of some music, or we need to  call on our guides to help us focus our intention on ‘being spirit, being our soul, being our highest form’ – and that is okay to need a little help to get us attuned in the moment. 

Just think that “I am channeling spirit all the time, I am letting spirit glide through me, and I become an instrument of spirit – for the highest good for all”.  Breathe in, and center your thoughts and your 'being-ness' around your own soul self.

Being spirit is your natural state

Be in that ‘instrument of spirit’ state as you go about your day – when you e.g. write, paint, take photos, work on your website, do the dishes, do the grocery shopping, talk with someone, or cook – just be in that simple state, your natural state, all the time. 

Then you don’t have to ‘try to be’ a certain way – you can relax and just be your natural way regardless of what others around you say or do. And that is the highest, and best way you can be. Be your natural way also when you are out among other people – always come back to yourself, to your spiritual self, to YOUR drop of the ocean, come back to your uniqueness and to your unique ways of interpreting spirit. 

We are all just interpreting spirit in our own unique way – depending on our own unique constitution.

You don’t have to try to be anyone, or to respond to anything from the outside, like trends, smart ways to do things, ways to be this and that or achieve this or that – just be YOU all the time, connect with your spirit all the time. That way you are authentic. 

Always touch base with (your) spirit, with your higher self – and ask your guides when you feel you need help. 

Let spirit flow through you. That peaceful feeling inside is all that matters for you – it comes when you ARE spirit. 

“Appear as you are. Be as you appear.” – Rumi

Don’t be afraid to ‘connect too much’ – you cannot. Because spirit, being your soul, is your natural state. You cannot be ‘too authentic’ – you can only be ‘too little authentic’, so don’t worry about tuning in to spirit all the time – let spirit, your soul, be your gps through your life. 

Ground when you feel you need to, stay in touch with earth, through touching the ground with your feet, through eating, through drinking water, and through anchoring yourself visually to the core energies of mother Earth – and then connect again up to your higher reality, and let spirit flow through you and guide your actions here at ‘ground level’. 

You will feel free from pressure from society, peers, family, friends, acquaintances etc. Just be you – and live like that. Relax and let spirit stream through you, spirit, soul, your true core from source. 

Become aware – practice that mindset every day, in every situation. Let your true you stream through you and out. And practice to  be in a way that makes you feel good, all the time."

photo credit: Robert Collins/Unsplash 

Keeping your vibration high

5 May  2021

Auto-writing. Message from the "High Council":

"It is important to let your level of vibration come through you in its highest form, because this is your natural state - your vibration is naturally high, but when you come down to Earth your vibration lowers automatically  because you are in a denser body form - we (High Council) see this because we are connecting with beings that are in higher vibration physical forms, or in no physical form at all, like us, who are  vibrating so high that we are not physical.

You have sort of slowed down your vibration to come into this life, to be born into this physical realm, so you have agreed to slow down your vibration in order to come here, but in your natural innate state you are vibrating much higher, some higher than others, depending on which dimensions or realm you are actually from – some are vibrating at a low level and some souls are vibrating at much higher levels of purity and light, due to soul evolution. In that sense you are not all the same. And in that sense we can all help those who we are able to help, and who need a helping hand now and again.

In another sense, you all, and we, are the same in that we are all energy from the same Source - and we all exist under certain universal laws, like we attract what we vibrate or send out via our vibration – in the Earth realm this is very much so - but when you are "at home" in your own realm you are naturally

surrounded by your soul tribe, with whom you vibrate more equally, that is your group of higher dimensional beings, of which you are  a part - but looking at all the different realms and dimensions we are not all vibrating at the same level – as is also the case when incarnating on Earth. That said, it is important to remember, that each is doing the best they can, whether in physical, or non-physical form. 

You, on Earth, are vibrating within the physical levels of vibration while incarnated on Earth, in the sense that you then each have a low density body,  which is a very heavy and slow vibration, but your inside core, your soul, essence, is still vibrating within your body, and throughout your body - and keeping true to your own level of vibration and finding the 'key' to knowing your own vibration, helps you in this physical realm. It helps you in the sense of navigating the different situations from a higher perspective. 

Even on Earth, you can tell that the vibration is different from person to person – you will find those who you vibrate with, and who you feel at home with, those are the souls that are vibrating at your own level, those are the people you ‘click’ with, sometimes instananeously, sometimes you "grow on each other", 'grow to like each other' when you realise that there is some  kind of attraction, when you feel that this relationship is mutually beneficial from a learning point of view, or from a point of creating joy together.

Some relationships may not always be all fun and happy times, so then it is up to each of you to feel: do you feel joy in this relationship or do you feel it to be a constant struggle where you have to compromise who you really feel you are? Is the relationship broadening your perspective, and opening you up to learning something fundamental?

It sometimes takes years to find out – and that is the path you are choosing and have chosen – you are free to make other, faster choices. There is no set rule for how long time it takes for you to figure things out about yourself – you are each on a path, like an orbit - some have longer and slower orbits, some have shorter and faster orbits – there is no ‘right’ length of time, it is all individual depending on your essence, and your vibration, and what you came here to experience, observe, or learn.

The main thing is that we are all evolving – even those who vibrate at a higher vibration are evolving – angels and other higher vibrating beings are still evolveing and learning – they observe, they evolve with us – as we all evolve."

Untying the knots of Fear - Creating Flow

16 March  2021

Fear makes us shrink inside, contract into a knotted world where the light can't get through or flow easily.

You may for example fear UFOs, or aliens, or mystical experiences of all kinds, etc. Or you may fear talking to other people, or how you handle yourself when you meet others, a fear of rejection or ridicule may hold you back from expressing yourself fully, etc. 

But when you sort of go into that fear, and tell yourself  for example that:

1. we all have extraordinary abilities, incl. you

2. the world is so much more than the material and the physical, and

3. you CAN (learn to) handle yourself in tricky situation

then you begin to open up to other possibilities - and you realise that your consciousness IS able to expand to help you through the fears. Open up to other possibilities, and you will find new ways you never would have thought possible. 

There is no 'Hierarchy' when Guides, Angels, Archangels, etc. interact with this world

4 March  2021

I wondered if there is some kind of 'hierarchy' in the world of Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Beings from other star systems, our Higher Self, etc. 

I tend to see them 'placed' in a diamond shape, with my Higher Self in the middle, and then guides, and 'higher beings' around me, or above, or below me - not in a hierarchial sense, but in a sense of placing them in different 'realms' or 'dimensions' I suppose.

I asked my guides if there is some sort of hierarchy, and the answer was very clear. (I pulled THE GREEN MAN in the Oracle of the Hidden Worlds deck, by Lucy Cavendish), and heard the following message:

"There is a natural order to things, and everyone is important to the symbiosis and the thriving, wellbeing of the greater 'mass', or 'collective'. Everyone has a different role and everyone is part of the whole. See everyone's role as valid and important. We learn from eachother. And it is like that on this world." 

The "Great Reset" - is it  only really happening within us?

23 February 2021

All this talk about 'the great reset', and 'resets have happened many times throughout the history of our world' has made me think and tune into what is 'really going on'? And I have come to the conclusion, that it is really up to US to DEFINE this current 'reset' - and it is up to US to DEFINE and PLAN what we want to do next - individually, AS WELL AS for the rest of the world.

We don't have to let anyone but ourself decide what we want to create now, where we want to go from here. We don't have to wait for an unknown group of individuals to tell us what our future should or will look like, and what we should or will be doing.

We EACH have a say in what we want to create beyond this reset!

- and we ARE living in a 'reset scenario', I guess. There is no denying that the world has been turned upside down, and that we have all been affected one way or another. Emotionally, physically, financially, mentally, even spiritually. For all of us there is no 'undo'-button. For most of us there is only a 'reset'-button.

But the truth is, that the GREAT RESET is actually happening WITHIN US, as well as in our life.

And we can look at this 'reset'-button as an OPPORTUNITY. We can see it as a BLANK SLATE. Even if you are able just for a moment, then try to RAISE YOUR VIEW from the state of the world - forget the numbers, the statistics, the fear, the overload of bad news and other information - and raise your view HIGH ENOUGH to see above and beyond the physical version we are living in.


Raise your gaze, or look within, to find your higher potential - your higher beingness - your eternal form, the one that stretches beyond your physical 'shell'. This, is your creative state. This is your unlimited state of being. This is the state in which we can create  worlds, a 'shared reality', when we combine our efforts.

We create individually, and we also create collectively.

The great reset is actually happening WITHIN YOU - and it is happening in your life - maybe you have already moved somewhere new, started a new job, lost a job, had to rethink your next career or study move, etc.. So, what do you want to CREATE for yourself? And what kind of world do you want to be part of? Now is the time to think about it. And to focus on it. Now is the time to be a MASTER MANIFESTOR.

Each one of us individually can create the future we want to create for ourself - and together, we can create the world we want to be a part of.

What counts is that MANY have the SAME vision of what they want to create! And it matters how much we FOCUS on it, and how much we INTEND to make it happen, to manifest.

It is the LAW OF ATTRACTION in full force. And we can EACH help. We can each create a loving, beautiful, compassionate world - if that is what we want.

We can create that through a COMBINED EFFORT, through a COMBINED VISION.

This, in my opinion, through my insight, is what the GREAT RESET is about.

"What is our time here in this 'reality'? Go within and see your true Universal truth, and world "

12 September 2020

I was tuning in, and wrote the following in an auto-write session:

"Our time here in this ‘reality’ is an experience… it may not be “the be all and end all”… depending on what your view of this reality is … but it could be just an experience – a temporary experience – a blink of an eye in the face of eternity … before we are off to our new ‘reality’ experience, another place in “space”, in our own space of reality ..

Be aware of what you “buy into” … it does not mean be  careless, or not caring, it means very much that you should care – about your own experience – how you treat your own experience is how you experience others around you – the ripple grows further and further out and creates a world … within a grid perhaps … maybe a grid is the limit .. maybe ‘someone’ outside the grid knows more than we do – maybe there is nobody outside the grid – maybe there is no grid – maybe the perception of a grid is all in ‘your’ reality …

Once again, go into your own ‘space’, your own inner reality, where there is quiet, and wide open; where you can explore all the answers to your questions – or all your questions to your answers – being within your own sphere is the only space you can be sure to depend on – practice going there – all those before us, who have found out certain ‘Universal truths’ all say, go within – because this is truly where our power is – within ourselves - this is where our true universal truth is – the truth that is bigger than this world, this planet, this Earth – which we, as humans,  don’t even know what really is".

"Find your strength, See through the illusion, You are your own leader"

11 September 2020

Based on a card layout I did today, the following message on the HIGHER ENERGETICE LEVEL unfolded:

  • Try not to dismiss what is in front of you – remember to look at what you already have, and feel it in your heart. More good is on the way – remember being flexible and open often brings surprises. Being flexible and open does not mean being naïve. It just means being in a state of receiving.
  • We may have a tendency to look at the past right now, and remember how things were, and long for things that were. That is fine, as long as we don’t get too emotionally attached to the sadness and to the longing. There is still so much more to come, many opportunities, much creativity to be explored. Senses to expand on and develop – including clairvoyant and psychic skills. Many will feel these skills emerging or quickly getting enhanced.
  • Be cautious of who you ‘lean on’ in terms of "leaders". Be discerning. Balance between your intuitive/gut feeling and your common/logical sense. In regards to leaders, or who to put your trust in, or who you lean on for leadership, it is important to see through the illusion. Keep a soul/mind balance. Remember, you are your own leader, internally.
  • Some may feel like ‘giving up’ and see only destruction or desolation, but keep in mind this is also a chance to find your own strength within. Your own resolve. Even if it comes out in anger, it is a transformative feeling that can lead you to your own strength – for the highest good for all.

"Justice, Victory, "Given Back", New Beginnings"

9 September 2020

Based on a card layout today, the following message on the HIGHER ENERGETICE LEVEL unfolded:

  • "Someone", high up', behind the scenes, has been successful, in a positive way (for the highest good), Victory has come, Justice is happening.
  • People are GIVEN BACK what they deserve and need in order to LIVE and PROSPER, and THRIVE on ALL levels.
  • There is an influx of NEW BEGINNINGS. There is a plan, a well-thought out structure behind it. Not rigid, but seeking to benefit all, on all levels.
  • Those who have suffered within, will gain a NEW OUTLOOK, a new PERSPECTIVE, and they will come out/move forward with a more balanced view of their life - and of life in general! A healed, enhanced vision of life, and of life in the physical world.

As with any kind of healing/transformation, the last 'plane' to manifest change, is the physical plane - so the energies I speak of here, may take some time to actually manifest into 'our world', the physical world. But they will 'seep in', they are set in motion.

"South America, The Andes region and Amazonas"

3 September 2020

As soon as I tuned in to 'world events', I saw

- People in a field, GRASSY HILL (mountain side), a FATHER holding a child, carrying her, running down the hill, a woman next to him. I got a strong sense of it being in South America, the father is wearing a square hat he has black long hair in two braids, wearing a 'cape'/poncho type layered garment.

– I noticed the SKY is dark or with clouds, a strange looking sky and clouds. "STREAKY" like a drawing.

- There are also "lines" in the field

- The people are are FLEEING, they are trying to go UNDERGROUND, or to LOWER GROUNDS.

- Now the scene switches to some CAVES IN A GREEN FOREST, in the AMAZON, there are some people there, they are able to get to the caves, for safety. At first I thought it was the same place as the first images I saw, with the fleeing father with his family, but I realised I was seeing two different places.

- One landscape is GREEN AND FORESTY like the Amazon (the South America vibe is very clear), and another landscape is up on the FIELDS or HIGH UP ON THE MOUNTAINS, with people fleeing something, carrying their children, they are wearing layers of clothes, I feel like its in the Andes somewhere … they are trying to take cover – they are running downhill.  What is scaring them?

- Is it something in the SKY? It is an 'odd', a different-looking sky, like the SKY IS "DENTED", or something is making a dent in the sky… that is what it looks like from the ground.

- The people in the Amazon are more relaxed but they know something - they know that they are safe in their hiding place in the FOREST. It is by a RIVER, a small river, a BROOK inside a forest, it is very green around there. I then hear a woman crying, and see her with long black hair.

- I did not have a chance to tune in any further to find out what my visions are showing! 

"Lion, Power, St. Mark, and Venice"

27 August 2020

Often images and messages 'come through' and you are wondering if the connections to your findings link to something current. Being a seer/psychic channel, you often need to rely on what you are witnessing on the intuitive level, and just trust that you will eventually understand.

This morning, I had one of those insights that led to details that left me wondering what I was tapping into.

1. The image was at first a big lion's head, very close to me, like he was infusing me with strength.

2. Then I saw him from far away, but now there were wings around his face, which made him look very majestic, powerful, and wise. I thought/heard Lyran King (as in the Lyrans), then heard Lion King. I thought maybe I will find clues in the movie/musical of the same name.

3. I looked up winged lion (Google) and found out that St. Mark, the Evangelist, is portrayed as a winged lion, which symbolises power, courage, monarchy, identity.

4. St. Mark is the patron of Venice, and the Lion of St. Mark in Venice acts as a symbol of magnificence and power. (Also, there is the famous St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, built centuries ago).

Very often this sort of chain of links means something. I am merely sharing my train of thought/intuition that led to today's message.

I have a feeling time will tell, on this one. Stay tuned!


24 August 2020

Right now there are FIVE main areas that are espeically VIBRANT with OPPORTUNITIES and POSSIBILITIES:

1. INTUITION/SUBCONSCIOUS – Tap into your intuitive powers. Notice your subconscious by looking at your dreams or exploring synchronicities in your daily life, write in  a ‘spiritual journal’, meditate, notice repetitive thoughts or inclinations, listen to the voice inside you – if something feels right, go for it – if something feels uncomfortable and seems like ‘this can’t be right’, then go in another direction.

2. TAKING OFF THE BLINDFOLD – Don’t be ‘blinded’ by the delusions or illusions of others. Listen to your own gut feeling, your instinct – stop for a moment, and look what you are doing. Where are you headed right now? What are your thoughts right now? Guided by fear? Allow yourself to take a moment, to connect with yourself, take some time in Nature – reconnect with the bigger picture, with the natural rhythm.

3. EMOTIONAL SELF-GUIDANCE – Trust your emotions. Purge your emotions. Don’t be led entirely by your emotions. Switch on to your emotions. Our emotions can be our guide, but they can also lead us in a ‘false’ direction, if we are not sure of where they are coming from. Be discerning.

4. MASTERING YOUR OWN PATH – Be discerning about where your thoughts wander. Don’t let them lead you down a path that makes you feel uncomfortable, squirmy, uncertain, overly worried, fearful. Take your thoughts down the path YOU want to go!

5. NURTURING SEEDS OF JOY – Nurture what you have already planted, seeded, watered – new ideas, new projects. Take a moment to reflect, and to enjoy, feel proud of what you have already accomplished. Decide which projects, work, activities bring you a long-term, fulfilling, soulful feeling of peace and joy – and keep pursuing those.

"Spirit is near - have faith in the bigger picture, trust in your senses"

19 August 2020

Big changes are sweeping through the World scene - everyone is aware of that!

The message I was "getting" today is "Have faith in the higher picture, in higher realms! Have faith in something that is higher than this earthly life".

And it continued: "Some people have put themselves in isolation, one way or another. Some are figting in between themselves. Some are raring to charge out there and create change, inspire others, bring forward new ideas for the GREATEST BENEFIT FOR ALL. Some just want to leave, either move to a different place, or to 'hide their head in the sand', or to 'surrender' without really knowing exactly to what or to whom, not knowing where to go or what to do.

SPIRIT IS COMMUNICATING. Spirit is here, it always is, but escpecially close right now. Lots of GUIDES, ANCESTORS, and HIGHER SPIRITS from higher realms. So feel inspired and guided by them.

They are sending messages - always of LOVE and CALM (not FEAR!) - and those of us who are sensitive to picking up their frequency are seeing, feeling, or hearing their messages. (I picked up on DRUID energies two nights ago. Saw him with my inner vision and felt his presence near my bed. Today I came across the AWEN Symbol, and it made me pick up on my reading about DRUIDISM, to which I feel very connected! Just an example of how guidance works. You never know where it may lead you, but follow it, and it will make sense - and enrich your life experience!).

Don't dismiss it if you pick up on something!

Have faith, BELIEVE IN YOUR COMMUNICATION with them. Use a combination of logical thinking, common sense, and intuitive messages coming to you. Use that combination to guide your next step, what to do next, what your next move should be."

"Kingdom cometh" - and "God is with us (Emmanuel)"

14 August 2020

As I was invoking guides and higher light beings today, I suddenly heard the word KINGDOM.

I heard it again, this time it was KINGDOM COMETH.  And I then heard the name EMMANUEL. It surprised me that the word was COMETH, as this is a very old way of saying 'is coming' - or maybe it can even mean 'is here'? I had to google Emmanuel and also looked it up in my book of Angels, and found that Emmanuel means "GOD IS WITH US".

As I say, I am not a religious person, I have RESEARCHED many types of religion and faiths and beliefs, but have to look up details, as I don't remember it all - and I find it fascinating and very interesting. But I am not a religious person, and do not subscribe to any specific line of beliefs.

I do, however, believe that scriptures of ALL CULTURES hold some or many DEEPER truths.

It is however, noteworthy that I keep hearing so many biblical references - the Book of Revelation to be exact.

  • In July I heard "Judgment" a lot.
  • In July I also had some insights about FIRE and a 'bad guy' (I will not reveal his name here) being thrown into the fire.
  • In July I also heard 'Separating the wheat from the Chaff".
  • Now I hear the words KINGDOM COMETH and EMMANUEL.

They are all biblical references. When I hear words, or names, or get insights, visions etc. I research - and that is when the pieces of the puzzle often fall into place.

So - "KINGDOM COMETH" - and "GOD IS WITH US".  I did not dive further into that insight yet. Just had to mention it, as I always SENSE what is going on at the HIGHER LEVEL/behind the scenes. Making sense of it often takes more research, or it will reveal itself in the near future.

"Lebanon - choose between two worlds"

10 August 2020

It has a very prosperous past - somebody had new ideas on how to make it richer, and it was good for generations, there was abundance of everything for all, most people wanted to create balance in the natural order, and well-being for all.

But .. they (some) also somehow had to learn how to share, how to give, so they lost things, had grief, they (as a whole) had to CHOOSE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, I'm hearing (this came up several times, CHOOSE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS).

They will be victorious again, they will rise, they can use their creative, entrepreneurial skills, they are very resourceful people, very creative. If they hear - and heed - the 'divine guidance' given to them, and CHOOSE BETWEEN WORLDS, they will again have lots to share. They will have to see to new ideas and new ways.

I asked why was this misery cast upon them, what has forced them to their knees? I'm hearing self-imposed restrictions, and limitations - and greed (by some). There is a feeling of superiority amongst some. They have to CHOOSE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (there it was again!).

The prosperity for generations to come all comes with 'heeding the divine guidance' and the willingness to share this abundance - and their wisdom - with others. They (as a whole) hold a very old and useful wisdom that is to be shared.  Then abundance and prosperity will again flourish.

It will again rise in to being a 'good place to be'. It will be prosperous and calm again, by using creative skills. They are a very resourceful and creative people. (the population as a whole). They have to CHOOSE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (between Europe/Middle East? - between lifestyles? - something else?).

This could be the confusion that is prevalent today. It also has to do with a feeling of superiority versus wanting what is good for most. There will have to be a letting go of old ways. Taking with them their intellectual memories and skills, and building on that.

"The VIRUS situation: tips on staying above it"

10 August 2020

I asked Spirit how to handle the virus situation. The MAGICIAN and The King of Cups.

I'm hearing "ALCHEMIST". So we can transmute this via our THOUGHTS and VISUALISATIONS and EATING HEALTHILY, perhaps upping our VITAMIN intake.

And we can KEEP OUR EMOTIONS IN CHECK, that is not get sucked in under all the 'hype'! Keep our trust in the Universe. This can also be seen as a big TEST in STAYING TRUE TO YOUR BELIEFS - your beliefs in the divine Spirit, your own soul's wisdom, and your own ability to make something of your life, find the 'good spots', the happy incidents, create them, hold those dear, "do not get sucked under by the hype", I'm hearing again. Your life experience is a reflection of your beliefs.

Don't go under/down emotionally. You can do this. Keep the focus on a POSITIVE outcome and TIMELINE.

The JUSTICE card also came. Justice will come. Those who abuse and disrupt the natural balance will meet their destiny. I'm hearing 'destiny'.

"Creating a TIMELINE"

10 August 2020

Creating a desired TIMELINE is important. I'm hearing this. Your contribution is important. Very important!

So, take some time to actively imagine what your most positive timeline looks like. What is your role? What is our role as a whole? How do you want things to be? 

See with your inner vision the TIMELINE you want to create and go down. Think of the details in your own life, and for the world as a whole. See the goals you are striving for, and work towards them with your everyday CHOICES. 

"Lion's Gate - and a Buddha vision"

6 August 2020

During meditation today, I saw and sensed the presence of Buddha emerging in light. Around him I saw blooming orchids, not yet opened. There was lots of light. 

Next I saw a lion, his paws, he was golden. The lion opened his mouth in a blissful, calm manner, and light was coming through his head and his mouth, shining everywhere and lighting up everything nearby. 

This was a vision that came through just two days before the Lion's Gate on 8 August, signyfying the approaching portal and cosmic 'activation'. 

("Every year on and around the 8th day of the 8th month of the year (August 8th), there is a cosmic alignment called “the Lions Gateway”. The Lions Gate is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. 

The Lions Gate has ties to ancient Egypt and for Thousands of years has been observed and honored as a time of a great energetic influx and activation!" (source: www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/the-888-lions-gate-activation/))

"Returning to the NATURAL ORDER of things, and abundance"

2 August 2020

Relating to the JUDGMENT card, that came up today (see entry below), I wanted to find out what is the MEANING BEHIND THE TRUMPET, and the trumpets mentioned in the Book of Revelation (it seems there are a lot of biblical references in the current energies): 

So, the trumpets are coming as a sign of COMING LOSS, LOSING THINGS, teaching lessons to those who need these lessons in losing material possessions. 

They also talk about an EMOTIONAL TURN-AROUND, a turn of events, and the ACCEPTANCE of leaving the old ways in search of new ways, using the INTUITION more, and being led by INNER FEELING, in order to go in the direction that helps to bring things back to their NATURAL ORDER and balance.

Key words: Abundance and "cherishable surroundings". Feeling anchored in the calm, natural ways. Manifesting in calmness. Not greedy, but trusting in rewards and outcomes, with enough for everybody. 

NOTE: (Again, I am not of any religious persuasion, but relate the symbolism I see or hear, to religious scriptures, or other ancient scriptures. The connections often explain what is going on at the higher level, on the global/cosmic scene).  

"The change into a CALM PRESENCE OF JUSTICE"

2 August 2020

The JUDGMENT card came up (again!), in response to the GLOBAL ENERGIES and WHERE ARE WE REALLY HEADED?

Asking deeper into that, I again saw the CONFLICT that is taking place, and felt that it HAS to take place, in order to create CHANGE. It will end in resolution. Justice will come - a "CALM JUSTICE". A balanced order of things. No extremes. Just the CALM PRESENCE of justice, and balanced energies. 

For this CALM PRESENCE OF JUSTICE to prevail, THREE points are required:


2. It requires HELP FROM 'OUTSIDE'.

3. It requires people being willing to RECEIVE IN HUMILITY. 

Some will have to feel the change very much - as in the loss of material things and "crooked" values that are detrimental to the growth and abundance for all.

When "they" take on a different perspective, and view the world and life here differently, THEN the calm energies of justice will ring.  (I specifically noticed the word ring, as in "bell" or "sound". That is when I deducted the connection to the 'trumpet' on the Judgment card, and some sort of outside help). 


JULY 2020


"Separating the wheat from the chaff"

25 July 2020

During my daily invocation of guides, angels, and other light beings, I heard and saw the word "GOD". At the same time, I saw a big stalk of WHEAT ('saw', as in with my inner vision) that was being split down the middle and the kernels were coming loose. 

I am not of a religious persuasion, but I did immediately remember a religious saying about 'separating the wheat from the chaff':

I looked up the term and found:

"The wheat represents those who are truly repentant, the chaff those like the Pharisees and Sadducees who are not. The messiah will clear the world, and those that are worthy would be brought into his "barn" while those that were unworthy will burn in unquenchable fire." Matthew 3:12 - Wikipedia

The Cambridge online dictionary says: "to separate things or people that are of high quality or ability from those that are not". 

Writingexplained.org says:  "the phrase separate the wheat from the chaff is a biblical expression that means A JUDGE will choose the good people and discard the bad people". 

Over the past week, the Judgment Card has come up a lot in my Tarot readings. I.e. JUDGMENT DAY.  Which also ties in with another channeling I did very recently regarding "someone" being cast into the fire.  add date)

"Balancing the Masculine and the Feminine by intervention"

24 July 2020

Earth Shift. The Masculine and the Feminine is being balanced, by divine gift, some sort of intervention or deliberate balancing has happened. 

There was a battle going on, on another level/dimension/realm, and it has ceased. 

The ones who lost the battle, which I feel is the 'bad guys', have gone. Now it is time to look to NEW HORIZONS, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, for the betterment of the World. 

The 'seesaw' has been all the way down, now it has started to move in the other direction, upwards again, towards the 'light', 'better times', 'natural balance'. It is a slow process of infusing light, but it has begun!  

"Something big is unfolding" 

22 July 2020

Based on the Tarot I pulled, I feel they are telling healers like us, to connect very closely with our guides and help transform the current energies.

I feel that something 'big' is unfolding behind the scenes/'up there'/'out there', at some level.  

"Fire energy" 

22 July 2020

As I am doing my daily practice, and getting ready to channel with cards, I am picking up a very strong 'fire energy' at play today. Like raging fire, like in a battle.  

NOTE: The Leo energies can also bring the 'fiery' energy feel. But I wasn't even thinking of the shift into Leo season when I had the vision/feel of fire. 

"Early Egypt energies - Spirituality, Telepathy, and masculine/feminine"

17 July 2020

I am asking to get to know more about the energies in Egypt - the Pyramids - the history - the purpose - what were they  for?


I 'hear'/'see': Those who built them (the big pyramids) knew about the

  • balancing of the masculine and the feminine.
  • It was about understanding nature, knowing its powers,
  • and being in INTUITIVE touch with NATURE, the natural laws, the Cosmic laws.
  • Respecting these laws.
  • Using the knowledge for the GOOD. Not to control or manipulate, but to UNDERSTAND and RESPECT.
  • Live WITH it - not abusing it (nature and natural laws).
  • Having higher powers, and a higher understanding.


Coming from "somewhere else". No ill intent. "They" came here to get established, settled. It took a lot of hard work to get established. They wanted to get established here (on Earth). They brought SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, ideas, wanting to develop (those already here??)... They wanted to bring something new in. They were in control, they had an intellectual upper hand, they had SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE.


But... "somebody" got jealous (people already present on Earth?), there were internal fights, somebody wanted to challenge them (I am at first not sure who these "somebody" is - is it within their own or is it others from the outside - but I feel, that it was someone from the outside (someone who were perhaps already here), who got jealous of the knowledge and the wisdom these ancient pyramid-building ("people")/beings had. The ones from the outside (those already here) were more developed EMOTIONALLY. But they lost. They had to go other ways (the ones that were jealous).

These "people", ridden with jealousy, had a leader. He interpreted the ways of the wise pyramid-building beings (who were not Earthy beings, they were from somewhere else - now I 'know' it clearly). The leader of the ones who were already here, was preaching to his "people", indoctrinating them - I am sensing it was out of fear of the pyramid-builders, and to get his "people" on board with going against the pyramid-builders.

This leader represents the 'human traditional rigid system', that tries to explain things in simpler ways, maybe even making things up. I feel he's a preacher, a missionary. He has followers. So, it's like the EMPEROR (representing the pyramid-building 'beings' settling here, with their knowledge and wisdom, and building the pyramids, and the HIEROPHANT (the leader of the "people"/beings already here,  jealous of the pyramid-building beings) were adversaries.


Then material gains, 'money', greed, ownership, took over. The 'other people' (the ones already here) went with force - by the sword literally - wanting to CONQUER the peaceful, ancient beings in Egypt. There were many battles among different people, over spiritual matters, it causes splits and rips between people.


The 'original' pyramid-building ancient beings left. Not because they were defeated as such. I feel that they left as they felt the place or the people were 'not ready yet'. But they ventured out. Seeking new grounds. Went to other places. South America. South East Asia. They started again. Made fresh starts. With pure intentions. Not holding a grudge. They are beyond that. They are not emotional as such, they see things and accept, and move on. So no emotion means not cold, not warm, they just come from a higher place or plane where there is no such thing as emotion like we know it. They are not controlled by emotion.


I had a feeling of one of the outer planets when I tuned in to them previously. Was it Uranus? But .. they could even be from another star system? .. Now I am sensing definitely a Cosmic place, from another world, I'm feeling another star system, maybe one that you can see here from Earth. From a place that has a bit of uncertainty among scientists or astronomers here on Earth. They're not sure about this place. A bit of controversy surrounding it ??... But I feel this is where they are from. The place is like shrouded in mystery a bit, like we're not able to see it or not allowed to know it yet ..


One of the things that came out of this, that 'we' learned from this, is MEDITATION. They are telepathic beings. So Meditation is a way to contact them, always! So we can tune in to them this way.  





"The Fall of Paris, the Rise of 'Ys'" - ancient energies rising 

31 January 2020

A few nights ago I had a dream about Paris falling, crumbling away. In the dream I heard the name PARIS, and I saw a big city crumble / 'implode' / being hit by a blast. It was difficult to tell if the blast, and the shock wave, was created by a bomb from above, or if it was like a blast coming from underground, like the whole city was on quicksand. But I saw the city crumble, and I saw the shock wave destrying everything in its way, similar to what you see with an atomic bomb. Terrifying sight! 

As 'coincidence' would have it, I was today talking with a friend, and we discussed Lemuria, Hawaii, and the RISE OF ANCIENT ENERGIES on Earth - and she mentioned "YS" - which I had never heard of. She said that she and her son used to play a (video?) game called Ys. I googled Ys, and found some information. She was very surprised to hear that there was something about the city of Ys on Wikipedia, as up until then, only the game Ys came up if you googled the name.  

The information I found mentioned that:


The myth goes on to say that: 


(Excerpts from Wikipedia: "A few legends speak of Ys' resurrection. Le Braz mentions one which says that on the day it happens, the first person who sees the church's spire of hears the sound of its bells, will become king of the city and all of its territory".   -  There is another legend told in a Breton saying, that when Paris is swallowed, the city of Ys will rise up from under the waves (in Breton, Par Is means 'similar to Ys')"!!

Needless to say we were both astounded! I especially, considering the dream I had just had about Paris falling/imploding/crumbling away. And the fact that my friend just happened to mention Ys a few days after, and as I googled it, the information on mythical "YS", was there. 

Is present-day Paris an extension of the ancient "YS"? Or is "YS" beneath Paris, and will it rise again? 

As I mentioned at the top of this page, psychic insights often lead to more questions, more research. 

My dream was one of those dreams, where you just know that it is a vision of something real - either of something from the past, or of a possible future timeline! NOT necessarily a prophecy on this timeline!  






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