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Healing and Balance

"There is no such thing as 'work-life balance' - it is all life. 
The balance has to be within you."
- Sadhguru


Be enfolded in calming, rejuvenating energies 

A healing session helps you to calm, clear, or balance your energy system, your emotional system, your mind, and body.

I use a combination of healing modalities  depending on your energies and on what needs are to be met. I am able to intuitively realign and re-pattern your fragmented energies back to 'your' original  balanced and harmonious state. I also see/sense/know the ROOT of imbalances.

I help you clear the energetic imbalances and help you reach a conscious understanding of how you can shift unfavorable patterns by taking new action from this point forward.

I always make sure that you feel well-informed and supported, after a session.   

My HEALING MODALITIES - which I have developed and honed over the past 20 years - include: 

  • Reiki methods (Usui Reiki Master level and Jikiden Reiki),
  • Energy repatterning, clearing, and balancing, medical intuition
  • Crystal therapy,
  • Ancient Vedic mantras,
  • Ancient healing and spiritual symbols,
  • Aura reading, (can include previous trauma, past lives)
  • Communication with your higher self and guides, as well as assistance from other higher beings

I always conclude each healing session by offering practical tips and steps for you to take, as I have sensed during the session. This is offered, to help you keep your energies balanced and calm in the time following the session - whether you need it in your body, your mind or your emotions.

A session can help you feel more in tune with your soul and your body. It can help you become aware of what you need, in order to feel balanced.

You are free to use any of the information I pass on to you, at your own discretion. 

Healing can be done in person - but also long-distance. An open mind is helpful. 


DISCLAIMER: The information in my healing sessions is not to be construed as, or to be taken in the place of, medical advice in any way. It is not my purpose to replace the services of your doctor or the advice given to you on traditional medicine, so if you are feeling persistent symptoms, or experience any health concerns, it is your responsibility to also seek out medical advice from your physician. 



Julia: I am able to move my shoulder without pain for the first time in a year! The knot I had there has become much softer after just one treatment! Thank you, Marianne! 


Karen S: My daughter's third degree burn healed very quickly after I took her to see Marianne. It was an amazing complimentary way of healing, alongside the medical care my daughter received. 


Jytte: I felt a warm sensation and tingling feeling in my knee when Marianne sent me distant healing. I was afterwards able to walk with no limping or pain. 


Catherine: It was such a moving experience when Marianne told me, during a healing session, that she saw my deceased mother standing next to me for some time. Marianne described her to me, and it was spot on. I didn't doubt for a second that my mother was present, for comfort and guidance. I had never told Marianne anything about my mother prior to the experience! 


Reem: This is the deepest form of healing I have ever experienced!