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Locating missing people

When a loved one goes missing everything else stops in the world of their family, friends, partners, colleagues. 

Getting through each day can be a gruelling experience! The fear of getting bad news, or getting no news is at the front of the mind. Time suddenly seems to both freeze, and move fast at the same time. The minds of those close to the missing person are racing, trying to find approaches that can help locate their loved one as quickly as possible. 

Often conventional methods are successful! Thankfully!

Other times, the family, friends, partners try to open up to ALL possible methods of locating their loved one. Clairvoyant/psychic help is often called upon - and is often very successful as well! 

I have, successfully, taken part in some searches, all abroad - by using my clair/psychic senses and my ability to remote view. 

I have been able to pinpoint location, surroundings, injury, names of streets/places, landmarks, mode of transportation etc., with a very high degree of accuracy - often only based on a name, age, last seen whereabouts, or country/city of origin. 

Each case has been unique. I have used my ability in cases where people with dementia have lost their way, or where people have been out hiking and either got injured and lost contact to the outside world, or lost their way altogether.  

There are no guarantees for being able to locate, or help bring back, your loved one - but there are also no limiting factors in the relationship between how long the person has been missing and the ability to tune in. My service is not meant to be a subsistute for conventional methods, but rather as an additional means of trying to locate a loved one, at the discretion - and wish - of the family, friends, or partners of the missing person. 


Please note that a pre-consultation (Zoom or Skype) with relatives or partners of a missing person is a necessary, precautionary first step for me, before I can offer my service and commit to going into a psychic search. 

Thank you for your understanding.