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Relief, comfort, and answers in a difficult time

Losing a loved one is probably one of the hardest and more life-changing events that can happen to us in our lifetime. 

We may look to religion, spirituality, history, mythology, or culture for comfort, reasoning, meaning, or answers to questions like:

  • What actually happened to our loved one when and after they passed on? Where did they go? Are we able to communicate with them? Are they okay? Do they have any messages for us? Is there anything they would like us to know? Can we communicate something to them?

In my own experience, after having lost three loved ones, the answer is Yes! - we CAN communicate with them - and in most cases our loved ones are open to communication. They do want to assure us, give us solace, or give us loving guidance and information.  (Read: Contact with the other side).

My ability to communicate with 'the other side' is not limited to my own loved ones. I am able to communicate with the souls of loved ones of others too.  There is no time limit as to how soon after the transition they can be contacted. I have indeed recently witnessed the transitioning process itself, of my own father! A very moving, comforting, and hugely insightful experience.  

If someone on the other side does not wish to be contacted, they will gently let me/us know. I have found that sometimes, they need more time in the adjustment period after their passing. It is a personal choice, and individual wishes must be respected. 

Mediumship, is to me a very sacred, gentle, personal and humbling experience. I gladly offer my assistance and skill as a link, to those who feel that this service could help them in their time of loss, grieving, confusion, or re-orientation. 

Through my experience with mediumship, and my own past life regressions, I have come to understand that: 

Death is not the end of a person - it is a transition of our eternal core, our soul, into another reality.