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with Marianne Johansen


What is the essence of 'you' really? - What is the ROOT of your experiences? - What is your "bigger mission"? - Do you find your work fulfilling, worthy, and purposeful? - Are you comfortable in your relationships? - How do you cope with imbalances and karmic ties?
∼∞Listen to your soul - it knows∞∼

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personal life readings 

soul energy readings 

locating missing people 


healing & balance 


"Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths." - Rumi

Through my sessions you:

◊ Get BEHIND THE SCENES of your past lives and this current life.
◊ Get an understanding of your own ESSENCE, natural gifts, and energetic makeup.
◊ Get an understanding of the ORIGIN of your feelings, your 'themes', physical imbalances, and emotional reactions.
◊ Connect with SOUL and your SPIRITUALITY, and make sense of spiritual experiences.
◊ Get to see how your THOUGHTS and BELIEFS influence your health and actions.
◊ Get the chance to RESTORE and HARMONISE your energies. You see how you can achieve BALANCE in your life.


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-Human, Spirit, Nature & the Cosmos-

Marianne Johansen