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Soul Energy Readings

/ Physical field Readings


They help you remember your soul energy signature, your BLUEPRINT or ESSENCE - i.e. what 'you' are all about.

I can see and sense the ROOT CAUSES of physical imbalances, behaviour, and blockages deep within your energy 'system' and help you re-create balance and flow on all levels (physical, energetic, mental, emotional). I see and sense your energetic pattern and can also detect who is vibrating within your energy field (guides/ancestors etc.). 

Our energy fields are constantly vibrating and in movement. Our unseen energies are mirrored in what we perceive as our physical reality and our physical body. A soul energy reading helps you to see into how your outer world reflects your inner world.

I give you suggestions and PRACTICAL TOOLS that come forward during the reading, that can help you improve your overall well-being and RE-ALIGN you with - and increase  - your sense of purpose and direction in life.

The aim is to help you get to know yourself better, and to feel harmony between body, mind and soul. Everything is connected.

So, if you would like to remember, understand, and know more about

  • your soul energies and essence,
  • your guides,
  • by who or what you are influenced,
  • your past lives,
  • your spirit animal(s),
  • your connection to places or people,
  • your most beneficial natural setting,
  • your purpose,
  • your physical imbalances and their roots,
  • the ROOT causes of blockages in your flow, and a rebalancing/repatterning of your energies


All readings may not contain all of the above information, and some may contain other information than the examples stated here - it all depends on what is necessary for YOU to know, at any given time, that will help propel you onward and upward.    

YOU are energy - your whole body is energy, and everything about you vibrates at a certain frequency. You are also surrounded by energies - which also vibrate at certain frequencies.

  •  Tesla said:  "If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"
  • Einstein said "Everything in life is vibration".  


*DISCLAIMER: The information in my readings is not to be construed as, or to be taken in the place of, medical advice in any way. It is not my purpose to replace the services of your doctor or the advice given to you on traditional medicine, so if you are feeling persistent symptoms, or experience any health concerns, it is your responsibility to also seek out medical advice from your physician. 


Simone B: With the stress and uncertainty of my daughter's serious illness I had not been able to sleep properly for a long time. The sessions with Marianne helped me to finally have restful nights. I have never experienced healing or a session like this before! Amazing insight! 


Elizabeth: The advice and discussion after each healing session is so useful and helpful and adds a whole other dimension to my life experience. It gives me a renewed sense of direction in my life.