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About Me

Marianne Johansen

Natural Energy Intuitive Coach and Healer, Psychic reader, Channel/Medium, Medical Intuitive 

I love helping others decode deep energetic patterns in their life, and bring to light ways in which they feel they can create balance, and re-align with their highest potential

Marianne Johansen

I have always been fascinated with the Universe, Nature, ancient cultures, and the mysteries of life.
All my life I have been hugely sensitive to energies. I have always been an extremely perceptive observer of life, and able to sense things strongly.
Over the past 25+ years I have discovered, developed and honed my natural energy healing skills and psychic, intuitive gifts through various courses and lots of successful professional practice. Combining my natural skills with theoretical and practical research/study has blessed me with a set of very powerful and varied tools that I use to help others see into their true self, clear away traumas and limitations, and see their place in the world, and beyond.  
I have always been 'the shoulder to cry on', and started noticing early on in my life, my ability to identify the obscure meanings behind every event, occurence and setback in someone's life. I easily "read between the lines", and "saw behind the scenes".
As an empath, I know exactly how somebody else feels, and I 'see' how balance can be brought back into any situation. I discovered that I have a natural knack for sensing, seeing and feeling energies, and how to 're-pattern' them into balance and harmony.
I feel a very strong bond with Nature and Mother Earth and can sense the connection, or affinity that someone has with certain landscapes, places, or perhaps animals.  I am able to 'connect the dots' for those who wish to go within and understand, themselves and their life.
For the past 20 years, I have empowered and guided individuals calmly, yet powerfully, through conversation, tuning in, and energy work, helping them understand and listen to their own soul and healing abilities.
I am a certified: ♦ Usui Reiki Master ♦ Jikiden Reiki Practitioner ♦ Holistic Massage Therapist ♦ Vedic Mantra Practitioner ♦
I have more than 20 years experience working in the fields of: ♦ Crystal Healing ♦ Energy Interpretation & Healing ♦ Quantum Field healing ♦ Shamanism ♦ Tarot reading ♦ Remote viewing ♦ Coaching ♦ Mediumship ♦
I have studied or taken courses in: ♦ Psychology ♦ Philosophy ♦ Anthropology ♦ NLP ♦ Ancient cultures & history ♦ Metaphysics ♦ Ancient healing modalities ♦ Sound ♦ Crystal Healing ♦ Tarot Reading ♦ Anatomy and physiology ♦ Symbolism ♦ Metaphysics ♦ Numerology ♦ and many other topics that have to do with promoting and creating well-being of humanity, nature, and our connection with the cosmos around us.    

Mind, body, and soul 




"Amazing information! I have been able to implement all the inspiration and advice Marianne gave me, and I could relate it one hundred percent to my situation. A big shift for me!" - T.J., DK

"Every time I come to Marianne, a big positive shift happens in me. I am not the same person I was 5 months ago!" - Suzanne, U.K.


"All the stress about finishing all my work before the holiday melted away. I was able to get all my work done in a calm and collected manner. Have not been able to do this for as long as I remember!" - Kathy, U.K.  


-Human, Spirit, Nature & the Cosmos-

Marianne Johansen