Soul Origins, Atlantis, ET contact

Visions/insight:  Based on a reading I got through another very gifted medium, I decided to tune in on some “people dressed in white that were one of the earliest people on Earth”, at a time where “the continents were not divided as they are today”. These people were “communicating telepathically”.  She saw me as one […]

“Psychic Intuitive Painting”

I have often painted something, that would turn out to link to something of a similar nature – like something that had happened and would be on the news, or a similar illustration I would later see in a magazine or a website. Sometimes my painting would turn out to symbolise certain information that would […]

SPECIAL FEATURE: Psychic insight into what happens when we die – The peaceful process of crossing over

The process of crossing over to the other side.    Death of the physical body and the transitioning process – “where do we go?” – is something we all think about from time to time. I have witnessed the process as a Seer/psychic, and I wish to share my observations, in the hope of mitigating […]

Promise yourself this

PROMISE YOURSELF THIS:    ∞  Promise yourself  –  that today is a new beginning for you. With no regrets, and no resentment towards any aspects of you.   Promise yourself  –  that you will give your time and attention to whatever thoughts that nurture you and help you move forward.   Promise yourself  –  to […]


FEAR OF FULLY GROUNDING – a spiritual conundrum .Fear of FULLY GROUNDING is a ‘legitimate’ fear, which many, on their spiritual journey, may feel, or have felt at some point.Not thoroughly appreciating the need for grounding, may prevent many from engaging fully in some of the activities their soul is longing to do, and share […]

Inner Wisdom

Let Your Inner Wisdom Guide You  Soul is your inner guide THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE. It resides in your heart space, and gently communicates to you in different ways: through your intuition as a feeling by a certain ‘knowing’ via your gut feeling as your inner voice through visions with surety and joy  You can use […]

Healing Mother Earth

~W h e n   w e   h e a l   o u r s e l v e s   –   w e   h e a l   E a r t h~MOTHER EARTH & NATURE NEEDS US RIGHT NOWby Marianne Johansen (2019)Try this HEALING MANTRA for our World  What can YOU do?Mother Earth needs your love and attention! We all […]