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Be a channel for spirit


Be your authentic you - at all times. 

Try to get into the mindset of being consciously in connection with your divine self, with spirit, with your intuition - whatever you like to call  the higher perspective of yourself - all the time, and feel the benefits.


No matter what you do – whether you are talking with someone, writing something, being with your children or spouse, at the supermarket, or in a meeting at work - you are always your highest self. You are always, behind the physical 'facade', spirit. It is essentially who you really are. 

When we take a few seconds to go within and get in touch with spirit, with our soul, we can hold on to that connection and feel it. When we feel it, we can 'bring it forward' with us, we can be in a state of connection, and we can decide to be in that connection all the time, no matter what we are doing or where we are. We can choose to be aware of the 'existence' of our soul at all times. 

We can make it a habit to take moments every day, every hour, to connect and be in 'spirit mode'. We can make it a habit to connect in and let spirit guide us. We can breathe in, and breathe out, and center our thoughts and our 'beingness' around our soul. We will become  consciously acquainted to its 'presence' over time.

Needing help is okay 

Connecting with our core takes practice. Meditation sometimes helps. Music sometimes helps. Sometimes calling on our guides helps. Needing a little help to get us 'tuned in' is fine. With practice it becomes like second nature.

A mindset of "I am channeling spirit all the time, I am letting spirit glide through me, and I become an instrument of spirit - for the highest good for all" is also helpful.

Being spirit is your natural state

Be in that ‘instrument of spirit’ state as you go about your day – when you e.g. write, paint, take photos, work on your website, do the dishes, do the grocery shopping, talk with someone, or cook – just be in that simple state, your natural state, all the time. Be aware of that state of being. Know that your soul is always there.

Then you don't have to 'try to be' a certain way - you can just relax and be your natural way, regardless of what others around you say or do. And that is the highest, and best way you can be. Be your natural way also when you are out among other people - always come back to yourself, to your spiritual self, to YOUR drop of the ocean, come back to your uniqueness and to your unique ways of interpreting spirit. 

We are all just interpreting spirit in our own unique way - depending on our own unique constitution.

You don't have to try to be anyone, or to respond to anything from the outside, like trends, smart ways to do things, ways to be this and that or achieve this or that - just be YOU all the time, connect with your spirit all the time. That way you are authentic. 

Always touch base with (your) spirit, with your higher self - and ask your guides when you feel you need help. 

Let spirit flow through you. That peaceful feeling inside is all that matters for you - it comes when you ARE spirit. 

"Appear as you are. Be as you appear." - Rumi

Don't be afraid to 'connect too much' - you cannot. Because being spirit, being your soul, is your natural state. You cannot be 'too authentic' - you can only be 'too little authentic', so don't worry about tuning in to spirit all the time - let spirit, your soul, be your gps through your life. 

Ground when you feel you need to, stay in touch with earth, through touching the ground with your feet, through eating, through drinking water, and through anchoring yourself visually to the core energies of mother Earth - and then connect again up to your higher reality, and let spirit flow through you and guide your actions here at 'ground level'. 

You will feel free from pressure from society, peers, family, friends, acquaintances etc. Just be you - and live like that. Relax and let spirit stream through you, spirit, soul, your true core from source. 

Become aware - practice that mindset every day, in every situation. Let your true you stream through you and out. And practice being in a way that makes you feel good, all the time. Let the inner feeling be your guide. 



© Marianne Johansen, May 2021



photo credit: Robert Collins/Unsplash 

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