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Cosmic Reality


by Marianne Johansen, 2019 ©


Are you feeling the great changes we are living through right now?
Do you 'hear' soul calling you more often?

Do you feel as if "something" is there to guide you?
Is your world view starting to stretch beyond the physicality of our 3d Earth?


We are in a time of very POTENT, COSMIC COMMUNICATION. We are standing in front of an open opportunity for us to WELCOME in our SOUL'S WISDOM.

It is possible for us to get unstuck from situations we no longer desire to be in. It is time to let the old restricting paradigms MELT AWAY. 

It is time to remember the 'magic' and power we possess, as soulful humans!


Maybe you are waking up to your own inner TRANSFORMATION, like so many other people around the world.  Maybe you have started realising, or wondering, that your TRUE SELF reaches out far beyond your physical existence. 

Maybe you are consciously connecting more regularly with Spirit - or perhaps you are connecting for the first time.

Maybe you are aware that your spiritual awareness is rising - as it is also rising globally. You may feel an increased awareness of a 'higher' intelligence or 'force' behind your existence and behind all of existence. 

Or maybe you have begun to realise how your own well-being and balance, influences the world around you? You notice this interconnectedness between your own state of being, and the world around you.


As beings here on Earth, we are all interrelated, and we ALL influence the world we live in.

If you feel good - you make others feel good! It just happens automatically. 

If you feel sad, angry, depressed, it changes the atmosphere around you as well. 


Just like plant life here on Earth, we 'bud', 'blossom' and 'bloom' at different rates and times. The rate at which we mature and 'bloom' - i.e. come into our own -  is determined by factors like:

  • Our unique ENERGETIC MAKEUP 
  • Our READINESS TO EMBRACE a cosmic flow
  • Our INDIVIDUAL REASONS for being here at this point in time


There has never been a better time than now, to MEDITATE - to go within - for answers and guidance!  

Meditation, visualisation, and the use of intuition for positive outcomes for all, are slowly but surely becoming the norm. We also see synchronicities coming in faster. Manifestation is happening quicker.  

Everything is evolving - including our connection with, and understanding of, what is beyond this physical world.

TAKE TIME during the day to re-connect with soul.

Take time to think about your own energies, and the energies of Nature - and listen to the connections. You are evolving - day by day, step by step.


I hope this article has inspired you to explore more! As always, thank you for reading! Happy soul connection to you! 


© Feel free to share, quote, paraphrase - but pls. link back to source! Thank you! 
photo credit: NASA

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