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Energy Healing,  Nature and Earth Healing

Healing Mother Earth

~W h e n   w e   h e a l   o u r s e l v e s   -   w e   h e a l   E a r t h~


by Marianne Johansen (2019)

Try this HEALING MANTRA for our World



What can YOU do?
Mother Earth needs your love and attention! 

We all need the environment we live in, to be healthy. We are all deeply connected to Nature, and we all have a responsibility to take care of and to respect Nature - to cherish the various landscapes in our world.

The ancient ones, and the indigenous peoples of the world  - our ancestors - understood the value of preserving Nature and the value of living tuned to the rhythm of the winds, the waters, the plants, the skies, the animals. They knew that their own survival depended on treating Nature like they would treat a loved one- with respect, awe and joy.

Nature is not just a static backdrop. It is living and breathing, and it helps us to live and breathe as well.

Go and sit in Nature, spend time in Nature, listen to the sounds, feel the winds, disconnect from the electronics, and find the real connection - the connection to that eternal part of yourself, which is the NATURAL side of you.

Contemplate what you can do for Mother Earth & Nature - to help the greater good.



I hope this article has inspired you to explore more! Small, consistent steps also help! As always, thank you for reading! Happy Earth connection to you! 



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photo credit: NASA




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