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   & Booking

♥Sessions via Skype/Zoom, or in person.
♥Written notes will be sent to you via email after the session.
♥Before the onset of each session, I tune in to your energies for 10-20 min
∼Sessions are typically a combination of tuning in, conversation, and energy work. We work as a natural "soul team"


30 min. sessions


dkk 300 / $47


60 min. sessions


dkk 555 / $88

*Healing and balance are only available as 60 min. sessions


30 min. 

oracle or tarot cards  

dkk 225 / $35


60 min. 

oracle or tarot cards 

dkk 444 / $70


Booking a Session with Marianne*

*My payment system is under construction. Please contact me for further details. 

Your life experience HAS a place in the bigger picture,
there IS a reason why you have chosen to come here,
there IS a theme to your Earth-life experience.
Don't you wish to know what they are?
- Marianne Johansen

Sometimes, when it seems that things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.