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Align with your soul to experience calmness

When we are not aligned with our soul (our true self), we can feel it in all areas of our life.

We may not see things clearly, our thoughts may run wild and overshadow our ability to feel into situations - we may feel like our thoughts, words, and actions really don't align with the true essence of our being, with that part we 'secretly' know is 'us' but which we are not always able to bring forward as much as we would like.

The effects of not being completely aligned with our soul, may spill into our relationships, we may feel unsure of them, we may generally feel unsure of ourselves, of our stand, our limits, our boundaries. 

This can cause hurt in ourselves, and in our relationships and how we generally interact with others. We may feel unsure of our 'contribution' and our own worth.

Start the change today

The good news is - that you can start to become more assured of yourself today - to feel stronger within yourself, to embody your soul, so that your soul steps to the front of your 'being you', and permeates everything you do, even when you are in stressful situations. 

By grounding yourself and connecting with spirit, with soul, every day, you can start to change things around for yourself. 

There are many ways to ground and connect:

      • maybe you like to hold crystals and meditate
      • maybe you like to walk in nature or sit somewhere quiet and green and lush
      • maybe you like to pull tarot cards and get 'in the zone' that way 
      • maybe you like to dance, get creative, make music
      • maybe you like to auto write or tune in and get downloads 
      • maybe guidance and information comes to you when you're in the shower or when you're cleaning house or doing gardening or some other form of exercise 
      • maybe you like to increase your field from within by doing breathing exercises 

Whatever works for you - make sure to do it every day - connect with your true self, your higher wisdom on how to live in this world. For some, perhaps many of us, it is not an easy task. 

But connect, and bring spirit into matter, ie. bring soulfulness into the mundane, into the physical - and make it easier for yourself and those around you. 

You can also practice this:  if your thoughts take you to a past situation that brings forth hurt, shame, guilt or another painful feeling, then breathe your way through the feeling, or pull cards on the situation, or go to nature and let your thoughts be infused with wisdom, so that you can extract the lesson for yourself, within the situation.

The new moon brings a wonderful opportunity for you to set that intention now: to connect daily with spirit, with your soul, with the higher wisdom beyond the denser vibration of this world - but which is right inside you. 


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