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Personal Life Readings

Clairvoyance / Psychic and Intuitive Insight

See the patterns in your life.

Understand the symbolism and synchronicities. 

Get clarity and validation of who you are and how you 'work', as a soul. Equipped with this understanding of yourself, you can make choices that  move you in the right direction in a grounded and reassured way.

We commune soul to soul to help you validate your own 'gut feeling' and help you connect with your own soul and inner guidance 'system'.

You can ask questions concerning:

  • Your life purpose and your highest potential
  • Relationship issues
  • Your next step
  • Your career
  • Your spirituality
  • Your innate and natural gifts and skills and/or how to use them
  • Your health
  • Your past lives

or whatever else might be on your mind. Your soul holds all the answers.

Mental and inner peace comes from knowing about and understanding the experiences and circumstances in our life. (Very often, circumstances surrounding a past life come up, as our past lives play an equally significant role in how our current life is running).

Only the guidance your soul knows you need at this time, for the highest good, will come forward, as I tune in to your higher self, your guides, benevolent higher beings, and higher realms. 

"Knowing yourself is the basis of living your life to the fullest."


Rosa: I was amazed at your reading and how accurately you were able to tell me about so many things in my life! I really needed this to help me move on! Thank you! 


Ahmed: I am amazed by the accuracy of your reading! You hit the spot on so many truths about my life and even my thoughts about my future!  I have gained such clarity about my next moves! I have for a while thought about relocating to another country, and you even brought that up and elaborated on my opportunities in my reading! 


Suzanne: Every time I come to Marianne, a big positive shift happens in me. I am not the same person I was five months ago! I learn something new about myself each time.