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Key words: Numbers appearing on clocks, receipts, car license plates and so on, as life guidance.

Appeared/Meaning: I notice numbers on an almost daily basis and love the guidance the combinations give me. It is always spot on and helps with finding direction, being on your life path, trusting in the universe and so on!

I got interested in and started reading about numerology, vibrations and frequencies in 1998, and researched my previous house numbers, postal codes, and special dates coinciding with key people in my life etc. To my astonishment I found amazing correlations and information that could help me decipher meanings behind certain events or circumstances according to where I was in my life at the time!

Now I ‘know’ when a number holds a specific message for me, by intuition, and I am thankful for the guidance it provides me at any given time it shows up. I will immediately go look up the number and its meaning on my go-to-page http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.dk/p/index-numbers.html


Marianne Johansen, 2018

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