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One of my favorite symbolism-go-to-pages is Whats-your-sign.com . Often, when I’m out in nature, I will notice something that especially catches my eye or attention, and I know that when I go home and look it up, there will be a special meaning behind my encounter. A message, a confirmation of my own intuition, an insight perhaps.

If you’re interested in looking into interpretation of what comes into your awareness, looking up symbolism is a fun – and educational – way to engage in the world! You’ll be surprised at what symbolism can tell you about your own life, and at how it can help you hone your own intuitive skills!

One day, as I was out for a walk, this snail caught my eye. The snail was moving slowly across the pavement. I knew, that this was one of those signs that would hold a special message for me, at the time.


I looked up ‘snail symbolism and found this to be especially resonating with the thoughts and feelings I was having at the time.

Snail tells you/asks you to consider:

  • what motivates you to move forward?
  • use your power of healing to create an aura of well-being
  • anywhere you go, is home (home is in the heart)
  • balance your yin/yang energies
  • you are a sensitive being


And it never fails! When you are open to noticing that feeling of “aha, THIS is a sign for me”, then rest assured, there will be some guidance for you, just waiting to be found.

It is a great, fun way to become inspired, feel guided and motivated as you journey on!


Marianne Johansen, June 2019

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